Unai Emery's final interview as Arsenal boss


Arsenal boss Unai Emery speaks to BT Sport’s Matt Smith following his side’s 2-1 defeat at home to Frankfurt.

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  1. BT Sport says

    Bad evening 👎

  2. DynastyFBN says

    unai emery is actually such a sympathetic guy. but, i guess it was time for him to go. hope he will do great in the future.

  3. BlackDeathViral03 says

    If only they sacked him in the evening.

  4. Jeje Victor says

    The last good ebening

  5. Sidney Ijenyo says

    VAR cost him 3 wins in those matches but his team selection was questionable every match

  6. xd Milz says

    The best “good ebening”

  7. GoonerKIRK says

    Thank god hes gone

  8. Zašto ? says

    Good ebening

  9. MCAltxer says

    Last goodibini 😭😭

  10. BK007 says

    Good Ebening, I am in Spain on holiday . I wanna good game , que?

  11. charles ck says

    This guy has a very good heart…things' just failed to work in his favor

  12. Lingeshan Yoga says

    Ole is next soon

  13. Happy Healthy says

    He's still better than Solskjaer

  14. LukaHM says

    Trust me, it’s not his fault. It’s the players. Without him they still didn’t won, AGAINST Norwich.

  15. Antoinuel Lawson says

    Who else come here to listen his good evening😁

  16. Asentseto BG says

    Aaaaah….best o ball good ebening….aaaaah… …. ..h..dactics….aaaaa dactics bad not gud….aaaah best o ball good ebening!

  17. tangolomango says

    Uhh, Unai, another difficult unai

  18. Aran Hamid says

    His last good ebening

  19. K Mc says

    Bad ebening!

  20. SHORTgamer says

    emery: takes deep breath "good ebening"

    who was waiting for him to say it? 😂

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