The Pride: Mason Mount | The Untold Story of Chelsea & England's Rising Star


🔊This is @MasonMount… Shaped by his family, boxing, the Academy and a total desire to play for Chelsea. This is his story so far, with so much more to come.

#ThePride #ThePrideOfLondon #MasonMount

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Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with its many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Wise, John Terry, Didier Drogba & Eden Hazard.


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  1. DN Tino says

    Well Mason Mount definitely got his nose from his grandad 😂

  2. Mody Soetjahjo says

    He will be big

  3. Joshua Lee says

    What a humble, hard working young man.

  4. Kevin Reyner says

    tom holland

  5. Usama Khan says

    His dad's smile at 9:46 shows the pride and sense of belief from his kid. Brilliant !

  6. Jonas Hug says

    what's the name of the soundtrack 4:37 ? 😀

  7. Robert Kwas says

    Could someone help me to know the music, 0:20?

  8. Will Hedley says

    Him and his Grandad have the same nose.

  9. Tash _YT says

    didn't even know he lived in portsmouth

  10. Keanan Jacobs says

    He makes me think of Tom Holland

  11. Phenomenal Freshman says

    New season that's a new MOUNTain

  12. Frasier 88 says

    I had my sights set on a big club, but this dump will do for now !

  13. bangtan warrior says

    I like mason so much so inspiring and he's also a humble talented young man wow need more if this

  14. Joe Hollyman says


  15. Mot Juste says

    How could you dislike this video? What a kid, what an attitude, and he’s ours! Go blues!

  16. Alex Percival says

    Future Chelsea captain 👌🏼

  17. Oq says

    And now i am crying

  18. Vaska Vaska says

    Love this boy! <3 True Chelsea Man!

  19. Jason Studd says

    Fantastic Player… Glad to have him on board in a Blue shirt !!!! I am so glad for the transfer ban… It was the best thing that could of ever happened to the mentality of the club and having Superfrank spear head this new era at Chelsea FC…. Absolutely Brilliant !!!!

  20. We gonna win the league says

    What did he say ’football doesn’t last hold life??? Pls help

  21. Blue_ Danu says

    This is affecting my decision of becoming a soccer player

  22. Ernesto Chung says


  23. Musa Sidibeh says

    This boy will be a Chelsea legend in future

  24. habib marvellous says

    Do one about Hudson loftus Reece Tomori

  25. Vivian Morris says

    Mason mount will score the match against westham

  26. Trump2020 MAGA says


  27. chrismacsims says

    Good lad !

  28. Israel since 1948 says

    He will bring glory to this fantastic club
    Chelsea FC since 2004

  29. Aizat Jani says

    Another legend in the making. Come on Chelsea!

  30. Diane Lister says

    Brilliant a true Chelsea blue you r going to be a legend ❤️

  31. Mas Dwi says

    Mason Mount🔥

  32. Raphael says

    This guy has done nothing yet and to produce this video is ridiculous at this stage. I hope he’s brilliant but there’s no guarantee he’ll be a success or a half decent player

  33. Marsh.14 says

    9:13 I almost cried

  34. Ghanashyam Sritharan says

    Looks cute when he was a baby

  35. Ultimate Ajax X says

    So inspirational

  36. Jens Lindberg says

    thank you morris!

  37. jordan grobbelaar says

    What a fckn video.

  38. Krunoslav Terkes says

    Amazing young man. All the best.

  39. michael phraze lusanie says

    Mount will Mont to the top above all mountains. He is focus to win big and be great.

  40. Lilan Zulilan says

    Dream come true! Keep pursuing it 👍

  41. Annie Valentino says

    oh wow this is amazing 💙

  42. raj kamat says

    He has already proved his commitment to the sport on the field. You can see his determination through the telly. His strength is his attitude, hope he keeps just as hungry always.

  43. Freddie Eccles says

    Don't understand how some of these Twitter weirdos can hate him. He loves to play for Chelsea and he will reach the top with us!

  44. Targe Charlery says


  45. Geniouz * says


  46. Mohez Tahiri says

    1:52 he tried it against city

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