1. strongdan1 says

    a lot of them are from the 1990s you can see it from the inside decoration they need to upgrade the decoration to 2020

  2. ___ says

    None of these limos are even remotely close to the title of 'Longest Vehicle'. And the Midnight Dream is longer than the American Dream, with that 70' of trailer.

    Any Double semi is longer than all of these.

    My pickup truck is almost the same length as that Ferrari limo.

  3. brad mckay says

    #4, it looks a bit more like a truck than a standard luxury vehicle??? it IS a f$%ing truck

  4. Galɛ̈ɛ̈k Gargɔa says

    Wow unbelievable

  5. Klaus Ammann says

    What a crazy world, and a waste of money, built on socially unjust wages for the helpless workers, most of them without a labor union, not to speak of mountain roads for which most of those immoral vehicles are anyway too long..

  7. Spartacus Papadakis says

    waste of money

  8. Jaymes420 says

    So dumb. What the bet most of these are in America. The land of ridiculous badly made cars

  9. Abyssdeviation says

    Subway footlongs are still longer

  10. Alice Kidd says

    What I need to know now are the co2 emissions

  11. devi kumar says

    Looks like sandwitch

  12. GlitchY3 says

    Anyone tryna get the Midnight Rider limo to do some money glitches in?

  13. joanna Ejercito says


  14. Gangsta Paradise says

    I wish i have one like a king

  15. MD SHAKIL AHMAD says


  16. Ashwin Patel says

    my dream cars🤩🤩🤩🤩😘😘

  17. Lee Phan says

    Truly looked like coffin

  18. Sarthak Bhosale says

    Nice video

  19. nicky von says

    From limo life to youtuber

  20. Jean Escober says

    Wow my favorite animetor are…… Rich😊😊

  21. 2 Witness 333 says

    Pinkys up!

  22. qud zoo says

    9:40 it probably doesn't have a toilet

  23. Joe Davis says

    Thanks for posting this! These limos are fascinating, beautiful, and awesome!… however, I would rather sit quietly in the woods and smoke a joint, t h a n take advantage of these limo charms!! 🙂

  24. Dexter D. Black says

    You might say The American Dream is kind of rusty.

  25. 95894L00L8934702 _xnyhf says

    *Gets into high speed chase* 😂

  26. Peter Russell says

    Ferrari wins hands down!

  27. True says

    You're a character, calm down dude.

  28. Haley Zahradnik says

    That's too bad about the last one. I guess tough times even come to Doug Dimmadome, owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome.

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