My CHELSEA FC Team of The Decade 2010-2020


My CHELSEA FC Team of The Decade 2010-2020. This is my Chelsea FC Team of the Decade from 2010-2020. Let me know your Chelsea FC Team of the decade in the comments below. It’s been an incredible decade for Chelsea FC, what was your favourite year?


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  1. Areeb Siddiqui says

    I don't think you took longevity into account for this list. Cole spent less than four years with us this decade. Azpi outweighs that with his consistent performance.

  2. Anas Kayed says


    Ivanovic – Cahill – Terry – Azpilicueta

    Kante – Ramires

    Mata – Lampard – Hazard


  3. Joseph Odisho says

    Matic is def an honourable mention

  4. JUST. SAI says

    Where is Torres and the guy who impressed me the most, Oscar?

  5. Andres Luna says

    Willian has not been a superstar but willian reminds me of gudjohnsen with his consistency and professionalism
    . Also, cheers to your ramires selection. He was one of my subs, kind of like a unpolished kante. Kantes touch is much better but other than that, they both are workhorses, and the barca goal ❤️

  6. Roshen Eapen says

    Essien? Ballack?

  7. Ollie Carr says


  8. sina arezoomand says

    For my team i would put Ivanovich as a cb and put cesar on rb but the rest is ok and for honorable mentions surely you have to mention nemanja matic he was a crucial part of the 2 premier leagues that we won and despite being an absolute snake 😒 courtois is part of my honorable mentions for the team of the decade

  9. Chris Tohme says

    You forgot matic ( and pedro was better than willian)

  10. Dra Mac says

    David Luiz was sent to arsenal to ruin their season. Once a blue always a blue

  11. Grimm tdm says

    What about pedro

  12. Mohammed Hussain says

    You need to change your formation to 4-3-1-2 hazard as a number 10 behind strike partnership of prime Drogba and Diego Costa be a you just can’t have Diego on the right wing!

  13. Aryaan Ishan says

    Surely Malouda needs to make the honourable mentions

  14. James Aderinwale says

    Thank you for putting Mikel in honorable mention list. I cannot understand why he was so hated by CFC fans. The question I always ask is "During the most successful period of the club's history who was the defensive midfielder during that period?". It wasn't Essien, Kante or Makalele. It was Mikel. Essien for previous decade, same with Makalele, previous decade and very few years, Kante in the last few seasons and Matic also briefly. Mikel for 11 years including crucial roles in the 2012 UCL victory. When people say he committed errors, I ask for stat or instances he cost us the match aside the one against Juve. His only sin was not being spectacular. Every manager picked him until Conte.

  15. Jake Reenstierna says

    Ivanovic should be there love him

  16. olle ivarsson says

    As the decade started of during the middle and end of the 09/10 season, one of our best seasons of all time, were Frank and Didier scored and assisted so many of our goals.

    But i still believe that this Chelsea decade, and the last have been formed by defensive players and great structure, were many of our goals have come from setpieces and counterattacks.

    I agree with your lineup at 10 positons, and i will change the formation aswell, i believe that Azpi has to be in there, started ALL games when we won the pl in 14/15 and 16/17, took a starting role as early as 2013 and is still our captain, so consistent, incredible.

    i will go for a 3-4-3 system.

    Azpilicueta- Terry-Cahill

    And as the squad is build with 23-25 players i will fill out the rest aswell, i cannot pick a bench from all these players..

    Torres (yes between 2011-2014 he hade a few but great moments in a chelsea shirt and take a place on the bench ahead of Giroud.

  17. vBran says

    Mark schwarzer?

  18. SkiplockYouUp __ says

    Matic was a beast for us

  19. Jimmy D says

    glad cahill got a place underrated player

  20. Keysian Teamleaders says

    I totally agree with the team. Change the system to 4-3-1-2 with Eden hazard having the freedom to run at defenders from all parts of the pitch

  21. Andrew Bristoe says

    Torres wasn't hes best at Chelsea but hes goals what ever club were wow had a definite style leaving goal keepers crawling around we had him at hes prime at the reds

  22. The Evicted Bear says


  23. Dan McPherson says

    Cech, Ivanovic, Cahill, Terry, Azpilicueta, Kante, Lampard, Willian, Hazard, Mata, Drogba

  24. Keep The Blues om the sky says

    I Think Willian instead of Diego costa

  25. Jeffrey's A Robot says

    I’d have Cavarlaho instead of Cahill just because of the partnership with Terry

  26. Krit indica says

    Jon ob mikel!?

  27. Vuzre says

    Tottenham have two European cups

  28. Jaheim says

    i love all the pics have no background except lampard

  29. Jaheim says

    only other leader i have high regards for is from my side team barce corlos puyol and ive always stuck them in the cb on any game ive played and arguably 2 of the best cb the worlds ever seen

  30. Andrew Wade says

    If this is a composite team of all players playing at their peak during the decade I cant fault it. But considering the full decade I think Willian n Azpi both deserve to be in it just through the prolonged influence (Dave at LB like he was for Mour, Willie for Lamps playing 442)

  31. bornventure owino says

    hazard is my best

  32. Denion Zere says


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