Milner's late penalty maintains perfect start | Liverpool vs Leicester City


Watch key highlights from LFC’s Premier League victory over the Foxes at Anfield, as James Milner and Sadio Mane struck either side of James Maddison’s goal.

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  1. F KaniSports says

    Who's after 0-4


    Boys in my class who go for Man U: I would rather walk alone!
    *me knowing their stupid for saying that*: well why would I walk with u?

  3. Anson Belli says

    Who’s here after Liverpool beat the Foxes 4-0?

  4. Luigi Rommy says

    Wayahe wayahe…..wayahe juara rek,wis suwe gak juara je😄😄

  5. Se enfrentaron en la fecha 4 de la temporada pasada.

  6. Sabiendo que la defensa central titular de Leicester FC es Johny Evans y Soyuncu . Goles de Mané , Vardy y gol de penal de Milner que fue comprado . Chance perdida de Firmino .

  7. bon bon says


  8. Bradley Nair says

    Klopp's reaction at the end always gives me goosebumps

  9. RyuHoshi93 says

    Until Milner celebrates a goal so serious, crossed arms

  10. novaldo panjaitan says

    just as remider, leicester is a threat for us…., hopefully we get 3 points in away game

  11. Matt.Bridge 260705 says


  12. MIRZA Srabon says

    Mane is a diver and loser

  13. sangram0 says

    Leceister are too good now!

  14. Rainer Mwashu says

    We have to Countercheck Leicester

  15. Takeshi Abe says

    Omfg how important was this win

  16. Abdul Rehman says

    I feel bad for leicester. All though i love mane i think so that was a dive from mane. Well, but leicester and liverpool played amazing. Come on both teams! coming from a real madrid fan

  17. Ömer91 says

    Liverpool is the best

  18. IELTS Translation says

    Leister city is Back.

  19. Trevor Ndegwa says

    who came here again after seeing just how good Leicester are right now?

  20. Aleksander Kucharski says

    Jestem z Polski was kocham za waszą grę

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