1. Bailey Smith says

    Chelsea again no show there more old bill then the Chelsea rent boys road runners 🏃‍♂️ now

  2. FIGHTING LION 13 says

    Fucking pathetic, let both sides of the leash to kick fuck out of each other

  3. Ryan Smith says

    Not even the main firm.there must of been old bill for every chelsea fan in that escort.whilst the police are saying there stretched.joke

  4. North Bank Baddest says

    as much as i hate spurs, i'll tell you honest as it is, spurs are tougher than chelsea, always have been, always will be, bigger firm, and much rougher area, kensington & chelsea are full of rich, yuppie, toffee boys, maybe in the past chelsea headhunters did get the odd result against the spurs yid army, but you have to remember, a lot of the spurs bad boys are on banning orders, and the new stadium is not as hostile as the old one, and a lot of the rowdy spurs fans have been priced out due to high ticket prices, in the last 20 years i'll admit millwall, west ham, spurs, leeds united, cardiff city and birmingham city have been more switched on than us gooner's/herd, as they've been more active, but we would still splatter chelsea and man. u., when we do turn up, chelsea and man. u. are not on our level, or on the level of those other firms i've mentioned, and chelsea never wanted it at the bridge with 'the bear' denton, they thought twice with their racist remarks with a big black man.

  5. Toonarmytastic says

    Was it a Chelsea pensioners day out.

  6. Craig Dicker says

    Spurs fans will boost a nice new stadium, and that it is, but I compare it to a nice new home, which doesn’t have any furniture in it. I heard the cleaners of the trophy cabinets took 10 years off work without anybody at the club even noticing they have even been there.

  7. red men says

    speak about overkill. they talk about police being stretched. a dozen coppers could have done that escort

  8. E Blue says

    I seen fight between two club fans

  9. chelsea demon says

    The spud who s filming sounds like hes tossing off while watching a small group of blues being reasonable on their journey….

  10. chelsea demon says

    I wonder whether the spuds thought shouting yid army was daunting…

  11. soe wai says

    Hi bro, I am from Myanmar. Now I am watching the match on TV. I subscribed your youtube channel because I like your presentation on sports. By the way, I am Chelsea FC's fan.Thank you, bro.

  12. THFC says

    Embarrassing escort

  13. Sit Paing Hein says


  14. Entertainment For U says

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  15. Cc mobile says

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