1. Yareck Model Railroad says

    Duncan you did a great job at Everton. Very passionate and hungry for success. You have the future in PL. congrats.

  2. Pete Maloney says

    Why does Duncan always have a teenage boy jump on him and wrap his legs around him every time Everton score !??? Weird behaviour for a grown man.

  3. james wright says

    duncan is a manage ive always wanted. as in he takes no shit lol

  4. Lee Robinson says

    Ancelotti has had high win rate percentages at BIG clubs like Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, sure. But low win rates at SMALL clubs, which should be the first worry for Everton fans!

  5. Lee Robinson says

    Im surprised Anceloti would manage a small club!!

  6. Davie myers says

    Got to love Duncan blue or red

  7. Aku orang Indonesia says

    Carlo ancelotti for a new Everton manager

  8. Sloany204 says

    Duncan is a living legend

  9. Mark Pendleton says

    Surely there can be no doubts about this guy as a coach anymore, especially these ridiculous comments tarnishing him with the past few failed regimes. Special characters like this, particularly those not born a Blue, don’t come around very often. Cherish him.

  10. Reza Ranaredja says

    cmon everton

  11. That Should Work says

    let him try imo

  12. IE says

    Duncan Ferguson should manage another club. His talent is wasted working as an assistant manager. I wish the club had tried him out earlier. There was a great manager under our nose all this time!

  13. Feens says

    Well in Duncan .

  14. Stephen slick says

    Thanks big duncan . you have been top class, keep your love bro.

  15. Luigifit08 08 says

    Duncan says for Ancelloti to stay in the club

  16. James Hayward says

    Love dunc take the team on son 👊🏻

  17. Tim Dobnik says

    Would you Everton fans rather see him or Ancelotti permanently?

  18. paul smith says

    5 idiots have disliked this, how? 🙈

  19. Sam Edwards says

    Always been the biggest blue but can't pretend I'm not pissed off that we're showing ambition which just isn't on.

    Before we get Ancelotti in I would suggest the club read the press, we should be getting Fat Sam back.

    Upsetting the apple cart is disrespectful to the rest of the league.

    Sort it out

  20. Mark Fraser says

    I heard the questions and the answers thanks for sorting out the sound,excellent. Duncan in your short time in charge you have inspired the players to play as a team have belief and passion and the results have come. Great to be a fan COYB.

  21. Drew Yardley says

    Love you Duncan

  22. MrMetalManMe says

    You can tell it's his dream job. Give it to him!
    He scares them into not losing games.

  23. livervid says

    Big Dunc is our Highlander, The Flying Scotsman!

  24. Hot Rockin' says

    Handles the press very well & comes across very well🙋‍♂️⚽️COYB

  25. Mike Cosgrove says

    What a great interview!! This guy has restored our pride

  26. The Royal Blue 1878 says

    First time in years I've looked forward to press conferences.

  27. Ben Martin says

    This guy should have blue petals thrown at his feet every step he takes for the rest of his life. He is Everton . He is the Face of us,, he has our heart. Duncan ferguson we salute you boss.

  28. The Royal Blue 1878 says

    We need a win tomorrow and hopefully a win for Duncan to end his stint on a high coyb

  29. Luke McIntyre says

    Gotta appreciate the fact the big man is always straight to the point 👍

  30. Simon R says

    I look forward to Dunc becoming our manager in the future . His love and passion for Everton , is unparalleled . Top Man 👍 and football needs more of this .COYB

  31. knott 4me says

    Big Dunc we love you dude and your passion is contagious.

  32. Derek Houlton says

    You have been fantastic Duncan…..A true giant at Everton, we love you and always will

  33. James Evans says

    Duncan is the next big undiscovered manager in the Premier League. I’m certain of it.

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