Joleon Lescott gives insight on close personal friend Mikel Arteta being linked to Arsenal job


Manchester City loan coach Joleon Lescott joined the Super Sunday panel to discuss Arsenal’s search for a new manager and gave insight on his close personal friend Mikel Arteta being linked to the job.

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  1. Jesse Lioce says

    Ancelotti rebuild milan when he first started at milan

  2. Shawn Chong says

    I think Patrick Vieira is a better choice .

  3. Is-haq says

    Some pundits are born to take Ls

  4. malarki5 says

    Some pal he is to Joleon when
    he got it so frigging wrong on
    Arteta leaving!

  5. AFC says

    Kroneke is the problem
    Any manger will fail in Arsenal if there is not enough £ to spend

  6. Haribo 73 says

    Unlucky Lescott…….you're wrong fella!! What does really P me off about Sky Sports football pundits, especially certain people who are in this video, is they are constantly poo pooing my club, Arsenal, and they're never ever positive about it. This goes back years and years, even as far back as our "Invincibles" success in 2003-04. Certain pundits on here even moaned about that, the fact that we drew some games etc…etc..
    Souness has got to be the most miserable person in TV history.

  7. Focus Media says

    Arsene made Arsenal! He is Arsenal!

    No Arsene, No Arsenal!

  8. Lucky Luciano says

    Arteta is the right man

    – long term project
    – which ties in well with appointing young coach
    – highly rated by Wenger, poch, Pep
    – passing style philosophy

    You can argue this remainder of the season is a write off, plenty of time for him to start the rebuild, decide who to bin and get those players out, put the time into developing the players who are worth it

  9. 1ChampagneSupernova1 says

    Someone said what needs to change in the EPL 20/20,well these fairy cakes diving,for a start,slight clip or tap on the face,BANG,go down like someone used a sawn off shot gun on em,if i went home as a player and stuck MOTD on and saw myself diving,holding my face when there was small contact or none at all,wtf,dont they feel embarrassed,bunch of puffs,play the game,todays cameras pick up a small spot on your face,completely ruins football nowadays,everyone has to agree with this.

  10. Masud Khan says

    I love it that for sagna, arsenal is still "we"

  11. StarZu says

    Monster Frankensteijn 😛

  12. Olddirtytiger says

    Replace souness with a Latin sounding name pundit

  13. Justin S. says

    Sagna 100% correct. Saying exactly what the fans are saying.

  14. Jack Mallam says

    Souness said Pep will leave Man City in great shape. As a United fan, look what happened to us. Sir Alex Ferguson who managed to dominate over several years, even decades, left, and we started to see all sorts of problems start to emerge. At this level, a few wrong decisions, whilst other clubs get a few decisions right, can cost you several yrs in the long run.

  15. Isa Al-Muzaini says

    so Joleon Lescott still knows nothing about football. huh

  16. Daniel May says

    Clearly means Pochettino said NO.

  17. Declan Kenny says

    so condescending old Souness. the man signed Ali Dia.

  18. Stevel024 says

    Carra the only one talking sense

  19. paul smith says


  20. The hood Presents says

    Souness is a donkey

  21. Learie Cormack says

    Sounes is chatting a load of crap his logic doesn't make sense

  22. V!Ct0r says

    This nonsense about a number 2 manager of the best premiere league club would yield result is foolish. Why not them go buy then number two coach from France the team that won the World cup or number 2 from bacca a team that plays good tickie taca

  23. Joel Ratemo says

    I never seem to understand what Carragher says. The accent is off the roof.

  24. senate90 says

    I want insight on his forehead

  25. Rashid Khalid says

    My man bacary hit the nail on its head you have an owner that you never see who has got no ambition.

  26. soumya adhya says

    Clearly not a close personal friend is he?

  27. Hasan S says

    Gtf souness ya grumpy old git

  28. Emilio Dominguez says

    I love reading comment I laugh so hard because some are really stupid and some are correct. Especially this pundits lmao ! Honestly every time they talk they talk no sense literally like if there watching something else.

  29. Olatokunbo Sobukanla says

    There is a saying that goes the fish stinks from the head down. That's Arsenal right now…

  30. Mo Adam says

    Ffs for the longest time I’ve been trying to figure who was on the right to find out after 5mins it’s Goldilocks Sagna.

  31. William E says

    The way I see it, Pep will be leaving city soon that’s why Arteta left because he wouldn’t want to be managed by anyone else

  32. William E says

    Imagine if in the future we have Arteta, mertesacker, Ljungberg, Viera and maybe even Henry all being coaches of arsenal

  33. gos2016 says

    two hairlines, one cup

  34. Doosra95 says

    Souness is an old ancient relic … from any gone era… now that dinosaur rising thanks to Brexit.

  35. Doosra95 says

    Bacary Sagan was a top notch Arsenal player and a very classy and articulate also talks sensible stuff & aware of what Arsenal is about !

  36. gooner4life says

    I agree with Carragher…….on Ancelotti………..damn do i need my head examined?

  37. Pabwalo Malawi says

    souness is so full of the brown stuff

  38. KT Kee says


  39. X E says

    bacary sagna looking well

  40. Sham Adams says

    This is why Sky Sports will go extinct when they still employing Souness.

  41. Daryl Mendosa says

    Graeme needs to retire his view are just BOLLACKS

  42. kingears84 says

    Souness does my head in. Worst pundit on sky. He's so out of touch and his footballing ideology is archaic

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