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  2. Andik Wahyudi says

    Bagai mana cara membuat ya

  3. Oki Santanu says


  4. Make Toys says

    The creator is great that is very helpful amazing car

  5. Mars Diamante says

    Magalin. Ka. Sa elet

  6. Vicko Effendi says


  7. ahamad haj Omar says

    بمعنى الاغراض خالص ومن احسن

  8. Momo Hlls says

    ياموخترعياجميل جداجدا😨😨😨😨😎😎😎🐹🐹🐱

  9. Abdullah Al Mamun says

    I wanna do it for my science project,could you please tell the required instruments you used, i need to buy those.

  10. Violeth Lwamayanga says


  11. Balram Vasistha says

    Nice broo

  12. IDA Susanti says


  13. Bb be bb b. Vvv. V v. Cc. C

  14. السلاحف البرية says

    cool car 100 100

  15. السلاحف البرية says

    cool car 100 100 مأة مأة

  16. Harry Walker says

    I need to know what u made it with precisely

  17. Jhosh3 Dhiegho says


  18. dafa fun game says

    Asik main mobilan

  19. Rinku Rinku says

    Wtxdeniuco f

  20. Rareș tank says


  21. Rupa pandey says

    Can you provide material required

  22. Brayden Robbins says

    patreon video I want you to make more and have fun please

  23. Jisna Satheesh says


  24. sebastien pawlowski says

    Mais gue sais nul

  25. MrLiyong KH says

    ( > <)
    / >♡

  26. SAL GRECO says

    correct grammar is……… how to make AN rc car

  27. Life Hack Video says

    Nice work my friend 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕

  28. Sita Devi says


  29. Mr. Paul says

    the class! I made a similar video with a machine, on Pepsi cans, it worked out well. At the same time I did not see your work, I thought that I would be the first)))

  30. Sultana Afroza says

    Nice to video

  31. Linda Wotumi says

    How do you ,akevuj

  32. Linda Wotumi says


  33. Edivaldo Barbosa says

    Você cola muito feio

  34. Glenn Garcia says

    Whats the song at 0:22 ?

  35. Miller Tores James Allison says

    yes very nice

  36. Mazen Ali says


  37. ƧPΛᄃΣӨЯΣӨƧ says

    I like how the wheels are shaped like a water wheel

  38. Robby Aulia says


  39. Subhash Chander says

    Nice Bhai Maine tere Chanel Ko subscribe ker diya tu bhi mere Chanel Ko kar Dena "Shiva Sarpanch Gujria"

  40. Priya Shalom says

    Brilliant idea what a great invention are you a scientist make more videos like this I am ready to subscribe your channel

  41. hand made restor says

    Good ideas and good luck

  42. Piyush Gautam says


  43. Sikander Kerketta says


  44. Oder Souza says

    It is very cool

  45. Muhammad Luqman says

    Nice job

  46. Alfreds Dude says

    I love boat😍

  47. Kyeoptang Judy says

    Jayson statham

  48. lucifer gaming says


  49. Raj Barik says

    Very nice

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