HIGHLIGHTS | Villar Perosa 2019 | Juventus A vs Juventus B


Highlights from our annual Villar Perosa match that ended in Juventus A defeating Juventus B in a 3-1 friendly victory in-front of a raucous crowd!

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Founded in 1897, Juventus Football Club is the most successful team in Italy, with a rich history of winning and hundreds of millions of fans worldwide.

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  1. Pheonix Jet says

    where was ronaldo


    Ladri, gobbi di merda

  3. UViktorMenez says

    Mandzukic in field

  4. Silver StormHD says

    Where is Ronaldo

  5. Stefano Bindi says

    E senza rigori e var taroccati

  6. Football Highlight says

    🔥💎⚽👍💪La Loya is back💪👍⚽💎🔥

  7. panzonegaaa 22 says

    Perche dovete vendere dybala vi ricordo che la stagione 2015 2016 dybala ci porto in finale di campions

  8. Edoardo Ambrosino says


  9. G G says

    mandate via Higuain che fa 2 partite decenti e 3 inguarddabile. Purtroppo certi giocatori non hanno mercato, quindi tocca tenerli sul groppone

  10. IL MILIORE DI Fortnite 2008 says

    Seeee che bello la Champions League e nostraaaaaa. Dove sono gli interisti e nabbolecani????

  11. Rio Anthony says

    That first touch on Dybala second goal, if it was Lukaku, he will send the ball all the way to Manchester

  12. Thijmen g says

    Shit club

  13. Piero Monticelli says

    30000 replay inutili e neanche uno sull'autogol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. budi aksa says

    Sarri need to see Dybala clearly

  15. Martina Cerqua says

    Mi piace come Paulo giochi nonostante il 4-3-3 stretto vicino a Gonzalo. Così deve giocare sulla fascia Paulino, nn come faceva Allegri

  16. Reza Al says

    Iklannya ronaldo promosi shoppee anjirr

  17. Luca Ada28 says

    Juve merda 💩 andate a casa juve fate schifo

  18. Cielo Azzurro says

    Siete dei retrocessi!!! Serie B!!!

  19. Francesco Damele says

    Formidabile Juventus

  20. olivia johsons says

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  21. Bincy Joseph says

    This is how much losses juventus will get
    Like=loss, win=comment
    👇👇👇 👇👇👇

  22. Nurkalyi Kachbekov says

    Ювентус красавчик

  23. bandito curva sud milano says

    Quante Juve B nel campionato seria A

  24. Rideep Choudhury says

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  25. Be Good ALways. says

    For those who came to watch cristiano Ronaldo ( like me), he isn't playing.

  26. Gavriël Ssj says

    What is higauin doing still at juventus he cannot play juves top level

  27. Lucas Ribeiro says

    Wtf khedira

  28. صلاح الخالدي says

    حرامات كرساتنو

  29. Richard Hutinson says

    Defending is shocking. Need to iron these errors out.

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