Gorgon City – Real ft. Yasmin


Gorgon City – Real ft. Yasmin (Live performance) Download:

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  1. Alice Angel Moontalk says


  2. Adam Kathrein says


  3. Dragan Gajic says

    Mnogo je lepo….

  4. ROBLUZ MB says

    I ❤🎶

  5. arjunautolease says

    Cannot find anywhere the Jools Holland Show performance by Yasmin & Gorgon City, which is my favourite!?

  6. n0ka says

    October 2019

  7. Hedvika HORACKOVA says

    Perfekt solo

  8. Fernando Laureano says

    Canta muito Yasmin.

  9. G Amano says

    one side of me wants to fkn groove coz of how damn awesome this track is, still one of my favs till now. other side of my resisting to cry coz i used to roll with my gf on this track and shes gone.

  10. Liam Manning says

    So beautiful

  11. Fernando Laureano says

    Muito bom.

  12. incubus rider says

    Such a great song with so much meaning

  13. Pituca says


  14. arjunautolease says

    For some reason Can't find this song she sung on Jools Holland's Show

  15. ThePrince Karma says

    This is my favourite song by a mile

  16. jinx55555 says

    _O jak ja ją kiedykolwiek zobaczę
    _To ja się na pewno, oj to na pewno,
    w oczy popacze, zadam pytanie,
    oj zadam je zdecydowanie:
    – Jakim prawem Yasmin rozniosłaś ten bit w drobny pył, ja się pytam!?


  17. Tangle Photography says


  18. Tray's Shit! says


  19. William Gonzalez says

    Love this!! 2019 still.

  20. XGemskiX says

    What happened to her? Amazing voice.

  21. Realist says

    Just an absolute banger.. and its chilled yet a party anthem.

  22. Beach5and says

    I can't believe I still remember this song.

  23. Liam Manning says

    2:32 on = eargasm

  24. SupaD says

    2019 <3

  25. Pradez Singh says

    Whos listening to this in 2019?? 😁😁

  26. Richard Hayden says

    I get lost in this tune.🙏🏻

  27. Ashley Hutchinson says

    so dirty and brilliant

  28. paul paul says

    They take pushing buttons and turning nobs very seriously.

  29. Daniel says

    Love her voice.

  30. Nina Alina says

    I forgot about this tune until I heard it randomly on the radio recently!!! Such a banger

  31. Dylan Define says

    Wow, she's gorgeous

  32. Jonatas Walker says


  33. rashelle collins says

    Banger,fuckin love it

  34. Cristopher montes de oca says


  35. Jyo Tube says

    who is listening to this in 2018 😀 ?

  36. 本本小迷妹 says


  37. some irish fella says

    Takes me back to a good time in life, if your music does atleast that its worth playing , the drop never gets old when its live or on a huge system its like the crakens footsteps

  38. jamie reid says


  39. UwotM8 says

    Thought she was black :O

  40. Carmen Rosa Jomeque says

    Levante la mano quien cree que se parece a Rossy war, con todo el estilo xD

  41. cykool78 says

    fucking banger ,,,smashing it

  42. Ana Pao Contreras says

    Me encanta esta canción, like si la escuchas en el 2018 todavía 🙂

  43. Josh Freeman says


  44. J P says

    Simple and amazing OMG!!!

  45. Balint Stefan Claudiu says

    Huhhh nice, this girl have something from Lisa Stansfield, Yasmin, is amazing!

  46. Jasvir Singh says

    Youtube 👍😎👌

  47. Alejandro Espino says


  48. DJ AZ says

    Got to love a bit of sub soul #subsoul #djaz1994

  49. Bass Rida says

    Come on, Matt!! Break It … I can hear you want it, too 😉

  50. army louca says

    Jiraya Como é seu nome

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