Frank Lampard FULL Pre-Match Press Conference – Tottenham v Chelsea – SUBTITLES


Chelsea manager Frank Lampard gives a press conference ahead of the team’s much-anticipated derby against Tottenham. He speaks fondly of the influence Jose Mourinho had on him as a manager.

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Xem thêm bài viết khác:

  1. dsokind says

    Mourinho should have played Pochettino's system to win…

  2. Sammuel Korsah says

    The petty subtitles 💯

  3. gaz elliott says

    lampard is a wanker

  4. Andy Shakur says

    I feel sorry for Frank. The team he has is a mid table team except a few players. Buying players like Zaha is not the answer. Buy world class to be world class. You don't need to buy expensive, buy class.

  5. s.bridge lim says

    He caught cold! 😐.. get well soon, boss.

  6. Elie Naddour says

    I'm so excited let's go and beat tottenham.

  7. mong Blue says

    I have a feeling we might lose…no kidding..we gotta admit it the way we are playing isnt no where near spurs . On the other hand they are starting to win games while we starting to lose even to bottom three teams. When mount play as no. 10 he isnt seen anywhere on the field without the ball. Azpi too if they both start i Wont be surprise if we lose. No offence! Try kante in the middle, we will see alot of difference in our play. Trust me!

  8. Erik Carmel says

    Not to worry Frank , with Christensen and Jorginho , you won't have any problems . TOT 1 – Chelsea 3 .

  9. Laye BA says

    Subtitles are really helpful for me, especially the way you de-word the questions. Thank you very much!

  10. Ź O M B I E says

    Clown Fc and the Stupid one 😂

  11. Antony D'Andrea says

    Subtitles are shocking

  12. Shawn Kristoferu says

    Tottenham is on the rise while Chelsea is on the decline. Plus they are playing at Tottenham.

    I predict Tottenham by two goals but both teams will score.

  13. W T F says

    Donkey 😂

  14. ReadingBetween TheHeadlines says

    Come ON you Blues! #ktbffh

  15. Googie Egg says

    Mr Personality. Lampard won't see next season. Ambramovich will execute him at season's end. 🗡⚰

  16. Deugou deugal faye says

    Thanks really for the subtitles❤

  17. oun7es says

    Tottenham will play defensive, we'll attack' they will score maybe 3. I really hope this doesn't happen… I'lll come back to this after the game

  18. maddbwoy says


  19. Up'D says

    Spurs 3:1 Chelsea

  20. Filmon Suzi says

    Normal I am Chelsea fan and I am afraid so much for sunday match coz if they played like before we will lost ,in my idea you need to work on the mentality of the players we have otherwise its will be difficult,I hope we will get credit come our legendary

  21. Frank Lampard says

    To the new generation !!!! 🕺🏾

  22. Speedo Meedo says

    We have to give Frank Lampard some credit, it's hard to be this horrible.

  23. Josh Robison says

    April 15, 2012. Lamps had a strike against spurs in the FA cup semis I would never forget. 30+ yards out. Incredible strike. Favorite player of all time for me.

  24. Kelly Glen says

    🙈 hopefully win

  25. Suman E says

    Chelsea will win since its away match. We suck at home.

  26. Jacko says

    Chelsea 3 – Spurs 1

  27. Ominyi Francis says

    Up Chelsea

  28. Jack says

    Frank will beat Mourinho



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