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 “For Real – For Tom” featuring Jakob Dylan, Dhani Harrison, Amos Lee, Lukas Nelson, Micah Nelson, and Willie Nelson is out today. If you haven’t heard it yet, listen anywhere you can stream music. All net proceeds from the release benefit the Midnight Mission, a comprehensive homeless shelter and homeless services provider in Los Angeles. The Mission’s work serving the homeless community of Los Angeles was something Tom supported passionately throughout his career.

Official Lyrics:

For Real

Oh brother, look what we’ve become
Oh brother, could we be so dumb
They set us up like dominos

I didn’t do it for no magazine
Didn’t do it for no video
Never did it for no CEO

But I did it for real
Woulda done it for free
I did it for me
Cause it was all that rang true
I did it for real
And I did it for you

Mighta done it for my sanity
Maybe done it for my vanity
Could be I did it for my big ego

But I did it for real
Woulda done it for free
Yeah I did it for me
Cause it was all that rang true
I did it for real
And I did it for you (true)

Oh brother, look what we’ve become
Oh brother, I’ve been overrun
Only did it for the way it made me feel

Yeah I did it for real
Woulda done it for free
Yeah I did it for me
Cause it was all that rang true
I did it for real
And I did it for you


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  1. Youmee says
  2. Carl Davis says

    Miss ya, Tom…for real 🙁

  3. Dave VanSelous says


  4. Дмитрий Егоров says


  5. goneg8or says

    I hope more artists record tributes. Tom was the best.

  6. michiganriverman says

    Here I am, on Christmas morning. A 60 year old man seeing this tribute for the first time with tears running down my face. I got into him and The Heartbreakers when I bought their first album as soon as it was released. Thank you guys for providing the music of my life. I'd say RIP Tom, but I'll bet you're jamming with Howie, George, Roy, and countless others. So turn it up and let 'er rip, FOR REAL! Rock on brother!

  7. Bob S says

    How about unreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Lawson Acton says

    Touches my heart…. Tom would have loved this!

  9. TheBluewaterBlonde says

    Thank you so much for a musical tribute to our loved Tom Petty by those that loved him for real. You guys are awesome even though you made me cry.

  10. Deb Della Piana says

    Beautiful. Tom would love it.

  11. inner light says

    Thank you gentlemen, excellent job! Ah Dhani's voice!

  12. Darcy Terrell says

    KICK ASS then baby!

  13. pjwhite1002 says

    This was so Lovely and so cool! Tom would've Loved this. Thank you so much to all involved in this touching tribute to one who is terrifically missed! Blessings, Love and Peace to you all! 😀

  14. Gary Reid Music says

    I dunno…

  15. The Nonsense Buffer says

    This is so cool.

  16. David Swavel says

    Thank God I got to see his last tour. Every one, every time! Pacemaker leadwire replaced and got out the day of the show. Across OSU campus to see Joe Walsh & Tom @ the Schott. Dumbest thing I ever did actually or was it? Fantastic tribute to another star who's now gone. RIP brother and look forward to catching you guys on the other side! 🙂

  17. I'm hearing your voice from heaven.

  18. HallWayGang says

    well done fellas 🔥

  19. life long says

    He'll never leave…He's just busy runnin down a dream

  20. Lennie Volle says

    I Love the new music video – For Tom….. Thanks Lukas Nelson & POTR _ Love the band! Love Lukas Nelson!!!!!

  21. barbara Ann says

    Whoever sings the first few lines made me cry right away. He sounds so much like Tom. And Dhani seems to be channeling George. I have played this so often I sing it in my sleep. Thank you so much for this beautiful tribute !

  22. Sue Maher says

    Thanks everyone. The Refugee may have left the stage but his friends family and FANS will never forget Tom. He was real miss u Tom. He would love this

  23. Grimbsel says

    great video. fröhliche weihnachten from germany.

  24. Holly Potthoff says

    Thanks guys, for doing this, for Tom, and for us!

  25. teebeeformeg says

    Beautiful tribute – R.I.P. Tom ♥

  26. Deborah Warren says

    Love it. ♡

  27. Gobi Grey says

    Dhani sounds just like George!

  28. Chris Tracy says

    🙂 Stay Honest, Stay Loved, Stay True…Be YOU…Great Song Ty for Shining.

  29. Dawn Schuie says

    Obsessed-beyond amazing —Tom Petty forever 💘🎸🎩💔

  30. David Brewer says

    merry christmas Tom

  31. Leeann Crall says

    More please

  32. David Hidayat says

    Debuted in my weekly personal chart on December 22, 2019 edition 🙂

  33. Polly Weifenbach says


  34. Asheville Barb says

    Miss you still !

  35. barbariansfan says

    A touching Christmas Present… I love you Tom…

  36. Tina B says

    There are many ways in which to say "beautiful"…you guys found one here <3 Much love to those involved in making this…..For Real!

  37. Jan Assink says

    Mooie herinnering

  38. Ash Ravens says

    Thank you Tom. ❤️

  39. Nijoma23 says

    God I miss this goat 😭😭😭

  40. Margaret Collins says

    You'll never be gone. God Bless

  41. April Maloney says

    Love it. Thanks for being real. Nova Scotia, Canada.

  42. lisa88n says

    Wilburys forever. I can here Roy in here somehow , Miss you Gentlemen forever.

  43. Sue Essen says

    Thank you, boys! This is lovely. You've teased my heartstrings up into my throat.

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