Does Cristiano Ronaldo's header vs. Sampdoria show he's back to full fitness for Juventus? | Serie A


ESPN FC’s Shaka Hislop, Alejandro Moreno, Steve Nicol, Julien Laurens and Sid Lowe discuss Cristiano Ronaldo’s health after the Juventus star’s header vs. Sampdoria. The guys all agree that it appears his knee is better and that his drama with head coach Maurizio Sarri can be put in the past. The crew also dive into Ronaldo’s “phenomenal” header in Juve’s 2-1 win at Sampdoria, with his 28″ vertical leap making headlines across the footballing world.

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  1. Shell Dahl says

    He has never been off – it is all about recognition, from coach through fans to common people!

  2. Ryan G says

    want to see the goal not hear from these..

  3. sakine Doungous93 says

    Super CR7

  4. Parth Bhamare says

    Ronaldo is king of football. Hats off to him

  5. Fahira Fahri says

    The king footbal

  6. T says

    Only jelouse fat asses ever claimed that he is not in form anyway, so yeaa!

  7. Madhavendra Gajendragadkar says

    His jump is like watching the kings performance at the world of dance stage

  8. Adele tube says

    Very pretty

  9. Mani Maran says

    They lost many matches to Barca in the last 10years when Ronaldo played. I think without Ronaldo RM now slowly getting into a better team. Barca going into trouble without Messi eventually n ll need adjustment time

  10. samer clash says

    People.. ronaldo is over
    Ronaldo.. i keep hearing this

  11. Ksa Sauia says


  12. Dzek Trbosjek says

    I think problem of Juventus is their coach, Sari isnt coach for Juventus or big things, his stile of playing games sucks.

  13. Rodrigo Barreiro says

    He was always fit, the media just blew his “poor form”over proportion

  14. elcid says

    Could hardly understand anything those talentless clowns were saying.

  15. Роналдо еркек айгыр

  16. יניב יחזקאל says

    Cr7 is the best player all the history

  17. Junn Jn louis says


  18. gowtham Rock says

    King is finally back

  19. Soumitra Ghosh says

    These guys r praising cr7 with big stone on their chest

  20. Jiggly Puff says

    By far the most overrated player I’ve ever seen. The hype is absolutely embarrassing!!!!!! 70-80 centimeters jump is average for athletes!!!!

    In the American sports, there are so many athletes jump higher than 80 centimeters 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    The public relations machine working 24/7 for him

  21. SupernidaTv says

    Ronaldo Is NextLevel He has lot of years but till show his powerful talent

  22. Andrew Mwesigwa says

    God: How much airtime do you want?
    CR7: Yes

  23. Andrew Mwesigwa says

    People buy air tickets to stay in the air that long

  24. Essi Evanz says

    Like fifty cent said He's the diamond in the dirt that ain't been found and the underground king that ain't been crowned . the only way Ronnie wins a next balon d'or he has to outshine messi by far because if its close then they gonna talk about assist lol smh. You even get assist from deflected shots lol

  25. AlexAlex Alexander says

    i like ronaldo play cr7 👍big like
    i thing better you 8 balon d’Or not 5
    good player cr7

  26. muhammad akib says

    Barkadogs and fraudiola fans incoming

  27. Khem Singh says

    I see champions league

  28. Avery Ryan says

    So sad to think that 28 inches is high lol Ronaldo my guy but that's not high

  29. Andrica Ion says

    Ron is back in town

  30. Bandaagu Rasmoney says


  31. Faiad Nibir says

    We'll we'll that man quite something 🐐

  32. Zaw says

    lol in this video is a bunch of fools,deack heads who just speek and act like clowns

  33. Mr T says

    Yes he scored a header. Woopee doo

  34. LeoNardi TABA says

    That's the result of ballon do'r .. He is proving everyone that he is the best.

  35. s dias says

    These morons are jokers…..

  36. uchibenkei says

    the amazing thing about that header was that he was not jumping for his max. it was part of the game and he still got that height. he can probably jump even higher. phenomenal athlete.

  37. uchibenkei says

    these guys weren't just saying "oh there must be a problem". they were saying he's washed up, finished, no longer even close to contending for best player in the world, bench him, etc. the venezuelan on the right is the worst of them. "if cr7 can jump like that, he must be 100% now". well, it depends which knee was hurt. jumping knee or not jumping knee.

  38. theodore njuafack says

    Ronaldo number 1

  39. Jonibek Norboev says

    he has been doing this since 2017, he will show us even more exciting shows at the second half of the year, trust me, we have a big big games ahead

  40. Jonibek Norboev says

    he we go again, if Ronaldo feels bad they have almost 1 month really good topic to discuss and if Ronaldo feels good still they have something to argue LOL

  41. Real Mario says

    Even messi can do that….from the stairs 😅😅😅

  42. Shendue says

    I don't think he's at 100% yet, but he's getting back in shape.

  43. mark sousa says

    Micheal Jordan is jealous with the hang time

  44. zee qayum says

    Please Juve buy Neymar in January!!

  45. Jeff Lord says

    While Soccer association is busy loving and favouring Leo Messi.

    He still goes beyond the favouritism.He is the best.People should avoid his attitude but look at his performance.

  46. Kaf Ha Ya Ain Shad says

    Simply Stunning

  47. Division Monday says

    Nice talk guys ♥️👈

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