Cristiano Ronaldo Gives Juve the Lead! | Lazio 3-1 Juventus | Top Moment | Serie A


Cristiano Ronaldo got Juventus off to a great start with a neat finish from Paulo Dybala’s pass | Serie A

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  1. Salma Jabeen says

    I like you so so so much ronaldo

  2. Mahantesh Pujari says

    Cr7 fans plz plz Telecasting Channel name plz!! I am from India

  3. Jason Hernandez says

    El empuja balones no mms penaldo

  4. سام حسامی says


  5. Zé Mesquita says

    KING RONNIE . Disgraceful Serie refs treating CR7 very badly. Shame on u , Serie , CR7 ressurected t italian league and this how u treat him?

  6. Sarada Tu Waifu says



  7. Milan Jarka says

    Fajn zapas

  8. 한호승 says

    잘생기긴했어 10새ㄲ ㅅ성이 덜 되서 글치

  9. yanuel robles says

    That assist was perfect

  10. William Casarini says

    Grava um Visio falando com o Cristiano Ronaldo

  11. William Casarini says

    Escreve no meu cantai turminha da rua 10

  12. Mr. Driss says


  13. Sohret Axundov says

    Ronaldo ,,👍👊

  14. So did we says

    He has scored before and he will score again.

  15. Vinicius Uccela says

    Cr7 o melhor

  16. Kamaran2019 says

    GREAT 1-2-1 between RONALDOOOOOO and Bentancur.

  17. boh says

    Fanno vedere QUESTO (non è un gol brutto eh) e non quello di milinkovic

  18. Thượng Huyền says

    penaldo analdozzz messi no.1….penaldo no.10

  19. Ridho Gower says

    The Legend ! 👑

  20. mathmagician says

    Shitaldo…juve were unstoppable in series a before penaldo arrived. Now look at them. Retire shitaldo !!!

  21. papi_dani 1243 says

    The best

  22. Adriano Dos Santos says

    CR7 saia dessa Juventus esse time é horrível !

  23. DEE Maind says

    Cristiano co generating his own assistance and this Sarri system reducing its potential.

  24. Abcdefg32 1 says

    Did yas see the 6th balon dors hatrick last night??????

  25. Albin Musliu says

    Eminem score but lose 3-1💀

  26. Beltran Village says

    Enjoy penaldo. 100 millions € to Madrid. What a present.

  27. Manolin Delapradera says

    El Madrid lo echa de menos pero tú si el Madrid no eres na

  28. iangelo iangelo says

    🍐🍐🍐🍌🍌🍌🥕🥕🥕🌽🌽🌽🥒🥒🥒come volete voi, sempre tre sono🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. Tommy Blocker says


  30. t Pv says

    Cristiano ronaldo is best AV actor

  31. Francoise Guerin says

    Qu'est ce qu'il arrive à la Juve.
    CR7, il faut se booster, c'est ps ls vacances.

  32. Gary says

    First goal from open play since October 😂and asper open goal 2 yard tapin

  33. Matteo Rubado says

    Dai forza Juve sempre! Nei migliori brutti,non bisogna dare colpa a ronaldo o chissà chi.non siete veri juventini! Forza Juve vedrai che usciremo da questo momento.dai cristiano!

  34. Brandon Gamero says

    Gran gol

  35. Ahmet Furkan Kapucu says

    RONALDO <3

  36. Gunawan_Cakep says

    #sari aut

  37. TAP IN MERCHANT says

    Tapin dor awaiting tapinaldo

  38. ConeMLG says

    Bruh the first and second goals for Lazio are way better

  39. フアンカルロス says

    Penaldo making his classic siuuuuuu!!!. Ridiculous hahaha

  40. Arindam Sau says

    Showing how to set up goals . like he did in Real Madrid ,

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