Cohen Bramall’s honest interview on being released by Arsenal & what the future holds


Cohen Bramall opens up on the highs and lows of his career to date.

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  1. conlan brooks says

    Coming to Cardiff🔵🔵🔵🔵

  2. Alessio f says

    It would be pretty cool if they did an interview with Jadon Sancho and ask him about on his time at Man city was and what time he made the decision to go to Dortmund.

  3. Gary Anwar says

    Humble young baller!! Rarely see nowadays

  4. Joe7 D says

    Football is a very dangerous industry anything can happen at anytime …if I was him I would have go to China and get all the money

  5. Ed says

    Must be the only non-Jewish guy in the world to be called Cohen.

  6. GloUp says

    You’re not missing out on anything bro!

  7. Ricky Villafan says

    Hope he ends up to be one of the best players of the 20s

  8. Papa Smurf says

    It seems like he's doing well in League Two, so he could be in the championship within the next 2 years.

  9. Doodle says


  10. Dick Truesay says

    Bottled it

  11. shola ebofin says

    Great kid great dad family is everything 👌

  12. Romario Lawrence says

    He was superb against us United he handled Greenwood very well would really prefer him over Shaw and young is getting older

  13. Benjamin Roxburgh says

    Had this fella on FM19 won player of the season in a undefeated Premier league season and europa league winning season

  14. Ayush Sharma says

    you had your shot buddy, wish i or someone else could have had that chance………………

  15. Jim Hutton says

    Obviously a great talent that was underdeveloped and not nurtured enough by the system at Arsenal. Good luck to you. Look at Ian Wright, look at Jamie Vardy, ITS NEVER OVER!! Talent will always out

  16. RHYMANTV says

    till this day I'm waiting for a player to talk bad about wenger. seems it will never happen. what a man.

  17. SCOTTISHapple :xbox says

    Did anyone else feel anxious due to his head Rinkles

  18. Sizzle DOG says

    Only reason why i clicked this vid is because of "fu…"

  19. Ollyw4rren 9 says

    Come to Middlesbrough

  20. Luke Jarvis says


  21. john moore says

    Some make it but most don't and it also depends on who the manager is Wenger for me was the best with young talent now they are in a mess but the only people to blame is the owners and the fans who wanted Wenger out now they are paying for it hell rub it up them until the owners sell ? its a deadwood club and taking on a new manager like Arteta is another mistake the club won't buy players they have no interest in Arsenal let's see if the fans can get them out 😂😂😂😉

  22. JamzNharail says

    What's up with his throat lol

  23. Lolu lou says

    I like this, he was just being himself all through the interview. Very honest and real.

  24. Alex Samsung says

    Good lad. Sad it didn't work out at the arsenal for him.

  25. Muhammed Khan says

    He seems like a honest hard working and determined. I like him he makes a good role model. Hope his dreams come true.

  26. Tomas Fowles says

    I’d argue that it is the biggest game in Colchester’s history. In 1971, they beat Leeds United who at the time were amongst the greatest teams in Europe. Then in 2006, they played Chelsea in the FA Cup and really put them to the sword.

  27. Adam Brindley says

    Hendsford is my local team remember seeing Cohen play!!

  28. Dylan Craft says

    He's not very good, dya know what I mean?

  29. Big fish Ke says

    I don’t know if I should feel bad for him coz I never knew of his existence

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