Car Expert Breaks Down Celebrity Cars (Post Malone, Kanye, More) | Fine Points | GQ


Car expert Michael Prichinello breaks down the cars of celebrities, including Drake’s Mercedes Maybach G650 Landaulet, Ferrari LaFerrari and Mercedes SLR McLaren; Post Malone’s custom 1966 Lincoln Continental, custom 1992 Ford Explorer, Bugatti Chiron and 1968 Chevy C10; Jay-Z’s Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport; Jerry Seinfeld’s 1976 Porsche 911 Turbo RSR, 1964 Aston Marin DB5; Travis Scott’s Lamborghini Aventador SV and Maybach G650 Landaulet; and Kanye West’s custom Lamborghini Urus and Mercedes SLR McLaren Stirling Moss.

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Car Expert Breaks Down Celebrity Cars (Post Malone, Kanye, More) | Fine Points | GQ


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  1. Demetrius Davis says

    I flenched at the explorer

  2. Mr. Wells says

    drake was right to go yellow however needs a plate that says "NOTRED"

  3. divyansh chaudhary says

    You don't go to opera in bat mobile

  4. AR 19 says

    Video on artists cars but didn’t include frank… ok

  5. Avery E says

    This man is a Wikipedia expert

  6. BrickWolfy says

    Wheres Uzi lol?

  7. James Fischer says

    Travis Scott's chocolate lambo actually looks really good. I did not know you could make brown looks so nice on car

  8. pdroidx says

    those wheels on that bronco are hideous.

  9. intergratypezero says

    LaFerrari adopt KERS system that used in Formula 1 car. What the F he talking about?

  10. Alec Edmisten says

    A million for an SLR…………. yikes try again. Where did you find this guy

  11. Leek says

    2:10 that's not a McLaren F1…………………

  12. Toddler TV says

    He doesn't down that car it was rented for a video

  13. Sanc Tank says

    He is not an expert

  14. Kriste Isopahkala says

    This "expert" really doesn't seem like he knows what he is talking about and when he mentions the McLaren F1, they show some old school racing car? This whole video is garbage.

  15. Dehaine Seram says

    This guy looks like he sells crack around the corner

  16. Alfa_Driver says

    Everyone's bashing this guy for not knowing anything, but in fairness I think he's attempting to talk about the cars in a way that's accessible to the general viewer, rather than trying to nerd-out on details to please all the car-lovers. A lot of car-lovers watching this are looking down their nose at what he's saying, just because he isn't demonstrating in-depth knowledge which I presume he has, given he runs an enthusiast club.

  17. Pratyush dtewari says

    Everyone bitching cuz of one mispronounciation lol he is probably earning more than you

  18. Alex Barbre says

    Kanye has that private Jesus Jet

  19. ryan bielawski says

    hes really not gonna mention posty 6X6 Raptor?

  20. Andrew Menezes says

    "kind of like a Prius but not really" lol

  21. iversxn says

    An "expert" callin the Chiron, Shyron. Aight.

  22. Juan Soto says

    He looks like someone's grandpa that googled a bunch of fun facts about some cars and dressed up to look "cool"

  23. Brian Espinoza says

    12:21 LMAOOO roasted

  24. Gage Vanrosendale says

    He said jay-z owns a maybach exelero which he does not, maybach let him use the car for a music video just how they let other people use there cars as advertisement and now birdman owns the exelero which he bought for 8 million dollars

  25. BassmanSpiff2514 says

    This video is terrible and so much of his information is inaccurate. GQ, come on guys.

  26. DaDa - I am HIM says

    GQ sucks for going with this guy.. he doesn’t know how to wear a hat & he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.. JAY-Z does not own that Maybach.

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