Can These Chefs Turn This Snowman Drawing Into Real World Food? • Tasty


Tasty chefs Alix and Rie square off to transform Malia’s Snowman sketch into amazing, edible dishes. Which dish do you think will be left out in the cold?

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beautiful fir-cone isolated
Darunechka/Getty Images

Different sort of snowflakes, effect snowfall. Green screen
Czanner/Getty Images
Realistic fireball explosion and blasts with luma channel.
yucelyilmaz/Getty Images


Xem thêm bài viết khác:

  1. Sana The Savage says

    Woah I see you Alix! We love a confident queen who goes without makeup and has went down sizes

  2. Abel Axen says

    Alix is sick.

  3. Liana Villa says

    Wtf happened to alex

  4. Rakayla Bell says

    She finally won

  5. bluewarrior05 says

    #RaLix forever!

  6. Epic Crayola says

    Comment section:
    1% Alix looks sick
    40% stop saying alix looks sick
    59% where are the comments that say alix looks sick?

  7. Ashlynn gacha gaming says

    Put an F in the chat for everyone whos saying "wHy iS evErYonE sAyiNg AlIx LoOkS sIck" like bruh NO ONE IS SAYING THAT

  8. Youssof Hasan says

    Alix got so much thiner wow

  9. emma delossantos says

    Alix… sis you look sick how much weight have you lost? what happened?

  10. Johnny L Chalk says

    Yipee I love these 2 ladies

  11. Kyle Erickson says

    Alix looks sooooo different

  12. Claragonza 3 says

    everytime alix uses coconut i die a little

  13. Alex Andria says

    Alix likes coconut 😂

  14. c says


    Rie: 1:56

  15. c says

    1:52 Rie is always got some sass lol

  16. Georgi Gardev says

    OK so I haven't watched TASTY in a while and WOW Alix looks great, seems that she lost a lot of weight and no make and she is beautiful. Congrats I've been on a strict diet my self and I love the results, but I know that is hard, keep at it! <3

  17. Umair Shaikh says

    Where have you been it looks like that you’ve been on to Australia I mean to Australia because once I been there I was being so tanned that I was bursting to go to London and I need to go to London because it’s really cold there

  18. Angler Fish says

    Why is everyone commenting about people saying Alix looks sick litterally there are so many more comments about people saying that than people are actually saying

  19. Remember the kid that didn’t know what pop rocks are 😂😂

  20. domjin0412 says

    I’m slightly grossed out that Alix had a bandaid on her finger with no gloves or finger cover. I know she tried not to touch to much with that finger but still. I work in the food industry and that is a no no.

  21. Gacha Hannah says

    Stop saying Alix is sick,
    I’ve seen no comments about it

    She is keeping her natural look.

  22. Driola Qoqaj says


  23. nandani bhoyar says

    i miss alix

  24. carmenlimon5545 says

    She is f*****g dumb bish

  25. Tracy Wang says

    Great minds GOoGle aLIkE😂

  26. Robloz roblox Lover says

    Alix looks different

  27. Rebecca Miranda says

    Everyone keeps saying “ we’re are the hate comments on Alix “( not that we want to hate on her ) but trust me there there were A LOT of them when this video first came out, but they were prob deleted or reported or thrown in the way back of the commment section soooo ya

  28. J R Sabio says

    Alix be looking good

  29. The VDub Guy says

    I absolutely love Alex, and Rie together. They bring so much fun and energy to the show. Plus both are just to darn cute together. More Alex and Rie! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🤟🏻✌🏻

  30. PeachKeki says

    wAiT a MiNuTe.. !!

  31. Marie Coralie says

    Alix looks sick, is she okay?

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