1st place Mousetrap Car Ideas- using SCIENCE


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0:00- Arrow- Andrew Applepie-
1:06- Q- Blue Wednesday –
4:43- Almost Original- Joakim Karud-
5:47- Ceral Killa- Blue Wednesday –
7:37- Berlin- Andrew Applepie-
12:24- Dizzy- Joakim Karud-
14:24- Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak-

Summary: To understand how mousetrap cars work you first need to understand the concept of mechanical advantage. There are 4 principles to win with a long distance car:

And 4 principles for winning with a speed car:

Finally, we visit the Science Olympiad to see these principles in action



I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:





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  1. Pavlina Jarvis says

    Sience hert mi hed

  2. trap ' says

    I have no clue of what any thing he says means but i like it

  3. xnauwfall says

    that ice cream slap tho

  4. Lucas Byeon says

    6:30 purposely spills water

  5. Pablitoes ツ says

    Rip Icecream 😥

  6. Nick M says

    A++ for me in 2 months 😎

  7. Daniel Jensen says

    When we did this in highschool our speed/acceleration contest was only over a meter, so I just used the mouse trap to catapult my car over the finish line.

  8. Brown Shark says

    I don’t get anything your saying (cause he’s using so much science) but I enjoy it

  9. Scyfox says

    I hate my school teachers. Oh my I would had made different life choices if they had taught us THIS WAY!

  10. Jacob John says

    wait so mark is a pysices porfeser

  11. Atef Jamaludeen says

    How does it turn back?

  12. Jason Coleman says

    To move the car the hand moved 100 times further than the car, not 50. The jack had to be reset.

  13. Mr Dreams says

    I freaking hate mouse traps in our school we made catapultés from mouse traps freaking broke my fingers

  14. yang hubery says

    can u some how use like 2 mouse traps???

  15. Calihide Gaming says

    3:32 ok boomer

  16. HierisMilan says

    I made a mouse trap car when I was 11, but it was worse

  17. Peter Briffin says


  18. dan hufferd says

    This is great for home school kids or me a 52 yr old grandpa.

  19. Jacob Hotaling says

    lol there isint enough energy in all of my ibm keyboards springs to = one mousetrap

  20. charlie wolff says

    Lmao I made one in 6th grade. It exploded

  21. Hope Glessner says

    It dose really work

  22. Wayne Tomlinson says

    What a strange project but fully got me watching.. I now watch to make one ahaa

  23. Joshua Manasye says

    It's funny because I've learnt and understand it from my junior high and even the basics at elementary, but lot of people, including boomers that think zoomers is no use, dont even know about this

  24. Death 707 says

    It’s raining lol 1:50

  25. Pixair Iz says

    "A screw is just a ramp wrapped around a nail" thanks Mark

  26. juanmoralesvideo says

    The deal was 'using JUST my pinkies'. You used your pinkies AND a mechanical device. You loose. And you lied to them.
    P.S. I am not offended, not angry… just saying what it is.

  27. WildXNature says

    Why didn't he use a step pulley to vary his speed and adjust the mechanical advantage.

  28. Hhalo 23 says

    Tbh this mousetrap car Seoul’s be better if washers were put into it because of the metal on meta interaction and that would cause less friction and more velocity

  29. mark2talk2u says

    At the 2:45 point did you say “A really long short ramp” ??? Funny, though we get it.

  30. Dontudarelookatme Dontdo it says

    What i can only say is that this man got some brain

  31. Crisis Cookie says

    You should be the next bill nye

  32. Derp says

    uh if you want ice cream for free just go work to NASA for 9 years…

  33. Amelia Yuwono says

    What am I doing here, I don't even like physics.

  34. Shadow WSK says

    Rip ice cream

  35. Firestar says

    Mark: "Optimization"
    Me: Just came from my Calc AB test

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