1. EPL Analysis says

    PL Analysis – Will Arteta succeed at Arsenal ?
    Link – https://youtu.be/JAE9ptdK7Ns

  2. Not a bad game by Chelsea…nothing to exciting over all by either team, really though…just Chelsea were more up for it n organised n some what flowing n that was about it, really.
    Even though both sides increased intensity when Son got a red card that should of never been a red card, Tottenham looked half asleep n disinterested n completely disorganised.

    VAR stuffed up a perfectly average game of football as it usually does n gives a penalty where there wasn`t one, the ball rolled out of play, the keeper slips n two players clumsily collide with each other…no harm…no foul…take the ferken goal kick n get the ferk on with it…end of story!
    No I have a better idea…lets let VAR slow it down n take forever n analyse the shite out of it n make something out of ferken nothing like it always does…yeah ok…that`s makes sense…let`s do that then!…you ferken idjits!

    Also Son is the most sweetest n respectful player in the premier league n Again…VAR does what it does best!…creates BS out of reality by slowing it down to make it what they want to n drag the shite out of the time it takes to make a crap decision n then they sent Son of all people, off, for violent conduct! With a half hour of the 90 to go…Are you ferken kidding me!
    As well as Kante holding n pulling down Aurier in the box from a corner VAR saw nothing wrong with that though!? That will do me you dead set, out of touch with reality brain dead ferken morons at the VAR centre!

    The supporters throwing objects at Keppa n being racist towards Rudiger, was misdirected n totally disgusting n uncalled for n they should find those complete losers n parade them in front of Tottenham players n the crowd at there next home game in handcuffs with a couple of huge police officers escorting them round the ground before the start of the match, so they can be publically shamed n then arrested n charged n banned from all premier league matches for the rest of their pathetic lives!

    That was that as far as the game play was concerned, really average game over all, that, yes Chelsea deserved to win n one that a useless Var system killed n buried as it usually does! Better for the game, my ass, that`s like, believing Trump will make America great again!…NEVER going to happen, people! Get rid of Trump!…Get rid of Var! All that hype for that….Really oh well. I am going to go watch paint dry on a wall for a level up in excitement!

    As well, while I am on a roll :)…I watched the NBC sports coverage of the match n it was rubbish, nearly every second word out of the commentators mouths was related to a sponsors product, as well as advertising banners across the top of the screen as well as connected to the score n time banner the whole way through the match n going half screen with sponsor ads n there audio, while the reading out the team sheets was happening at the intro into the game n right up to kick off!
    Like you at NBC don`t smash your sports n regular channels with enough BS advertising as it is? Could you be more money hungry NBC? Could you be more Disconnected with reality n more interested in BS advertising n less interested in showing n commentating on football? You BS Money hungry Morons.

  3. Dave Fincher says

    Gleen hoddle looks like tarantino LOL

    Chelsea king of London🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. EPL Analysis says

    Full Extended Version Analysis – https://youtu.be/Z4sADXBdCUo

  5. Edward Mulenga says

    Great win. Congratulations Lampard

  6. blableka says

    who are these idiots ?????

  7. Kick Off Analysis says

    Jose Out 🤣🤣

  8. Nickell Johnson says

    1st to comment. Nice to see my team win again and keep a clean sheet. A great goal by Willian!!👊👊

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