Sheffield United Vs Chelsea | HIGHLIGHTS | Blades net late equaliser


Watch all the highlights from Sheffield United’s draw against Chelsea.

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  1. Communistic Frad says

    I like Sheffield United I’m starting to support it i’m From Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

  2. NaijaPilotX Max says

    Chelsea is becoming below average team

  3. Antonio Esquivel says


  4. Hysteria2003 says

    Well played Blades from an Everton fan:

  5. Luan Carlos Videos says

    Abraham i didn't know this guy.. now i liked his football.

  6. Why didn't Chelsea uploaded this highlights?

  7. jalan berlubang says


  8. Rick Claark says

    How the fuck did Jorginho get the assist for Tammy’s second?

  9. CHILDREN TV says

    Subscribe me, please..

  10. steven yahman says

    That most expensive goal keeper on the world lol

  11. Barry R says

    Chelsea have a lot of work to do to be a top team again.

  12. MrEverythinglife says

    Visit MrEverythinglife YouTube page.

  13. Geralt von Riva says

    the players are so pround to score and be part of this club. You can see it on the celebrations. great!

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  15. Базар жок

  16. don dewa81 says

    Kurt zouma is stupid defender

  17. Paulo Tin says

    sarriball sarriball…..and now?…DREAMS to win a single match with your amazing frank….chelsea fan top stupidity… this is now what you deserve

  18. Bouabré Alexis Bruly says

    Abraham me rappelle DIDIER DROGBA . Il fera beaucoup parler de lui . C'est un buteur de race .

  19. 4relaks _ says

    These comments are hysterical, Chelsea will bounce back no doubt.

  20. Samuel Yee says

    Henderson had conceded 5 goals in 4 matches

  21. Ainsley Whyte says

    Where is willian

  22. HeadOnKnees gaming says

    Sheffield had a promising start of the season

  23. Катя Мл says

    Stupid dog zuma,stpuid low skill chelsea,score 1 more goal idoits,but abraham 1 playing.
    Stupid shitty sluts

  24. Andrica Ion says

    If Abraham will have support he will become a great n9.

  25. Alex Theuri says

    isn't sub for this guy "Zouma"

  26. CRUYFFISTA says

    Billy Sharp titular coño ya

  27. Akif_S.Rahman 1298 says

    Abraham was excellent 🔥✨ .. Not bad Sheffield 👍🏼

  28. Sammy Lonje says

    Giroud position is now taken ##9

  29. Franky Ekwes says

    Dis our number 2 Is too old all d two cross come from his side his part d error

  30. Ugosteve Sampson says

    Chelsea needs to work on their defense as quick as possible. Zouma have got his chance, but he is not taking it.

  31. Mahmud Muhammad says

    K Zuma must be sale please CHELSEA members.

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