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  1. SkyPs4Gamer says

    Soo Tired Of Fake Youtubers.. If You Are NEW Just Be Careful There Are Soo Many Fake Gta 5 Glitches Channel. If You Want Real Well Sub ONLY If You Trust Me… GG

  2. STORMZ _YT1 says

    This also works on any other table you can do the same tech and you will be able to make dat bread boi

  3. Nvy -_- says

    Sky I have been watching your vids forever and they lighting up my day thank you

  4. UK SONG Lyrics says

    So helpful

  5. KrejzikCZ says

    how to use it on pc ? (if you dont have touchpad ?)

  6. Hunter Nicoll says

    Love your vids watch them all the time

  7. Nureldin Khalifa says

    Luv ur videos

  8. R GM says

    hi sky i have an idea for giveaways you can get the card on gta for 10000000000 can i win one its for my brother

  9. nose beers says

    Hope you had a good christmas sky.

  10. eL. godfather13 says

    Does this work on PS3?

  11. eL. godfather13 says

    Isn't gta 5 on PS3?

  12. Orlando da Silva says

    New sub the only one I trust thx

  13. treeztff ent says

    Everybody on earth should be blessed

  14. NXLVL MrFreddericson says

    Happy Christmas everyone😁

  15. nacobo says

    Look it up guys >>>>>> gtavzone. best
    i got II420mII by using this new trick 🙂

  16. adnan khokhar says

    I love you so much man

  17. NoPanicRazzor says

    My mom just got cured of cancer for the second time and I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!!!!

  18. Cringe Bear says

    I love your vids they are a mazing

  19. Jofeo says


  20. Rj Butler says

    It’s works 😎

  21. fredgaming says

    I Hope All og you ppl Are getting the bedt Christmas and New year

  22. Darrion Glenn says

    All you’ll the best

  23. Darrion Glenn says

    Your the best

  24. cohen dagod says

    Yo wassup

  25. Andres Becerra says

    I had to restart my game cuz I didn’t get the color I picked and when I load back in all my chips are gone. thanks a lot

  26. Ultra instinct God says

    I hope everyone has the best Christmas of their life

  27. PORNhubby MODz says

    Each subscriber that i get I'll give you a million on Gta 5 my money  glitch xbox1 leave GT I'll add ya thanks by the way

  28. Dr. Thicc boi says

    Trash glitches bro

  29. Forest Gaming says

    Just before u do the first glitch u need a penthouse

  30. Kf Ghh says

    Your the best

  31. BillyBob_ Tv says

    I hope u look like my mickey mouse

  32. Aleksandar Jurasović says

    What about pc money glitches?

  33. MM12 Gaming says

    Even if 99 percent of the world of people don't like you there are still 1 million people who do

  34. Blake says

    The first one kinda works but you cant use high tables or what ever .if u close ur app fast enough you can get your money back. Im not a bot btw

  35. MrTYRONNEZ 1 says

    Your nice

  36. Psycho Pathic says

    Dude love the vids.thanks for the tips 💓

  37. mfrmda 9 says

    Old video

  38. mfrmda 9 says

    Hope the glitch works for everyone and all homeless people dont be cold on christmas because it will be really cold

  39. Mason Berghorn says

    I hope we all have a great christmas

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