"LAMPARD'S HONEYMOON PERIOD IS OVER!" – What has gone wrong at Chelsea? | SPURS vs CHELSEA


With 4 defeats in their last 5 games, the honeymoon period is well and truly over for Frank Lampard at Chelsea. Where has it gone wrong at Stamford Bridge?

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  1. Deerbra says

    Tomori was injured so Frank didn't really have an option

  2. Lee says

    It’s very easy to criticise the team selection when a team doesn’t win

  3. Eamon Holmes says

    😂😂😂 people make videos for attention

  4. Peter Kennelly says

    Premature bullshit we hammered spurs 😂😂😂

  5. Sinclair James says

    How do guys feel after the masterful performance by the Chelsea team against Spurs…x

  6. FLABS AND ABS says

    Lol Chelsea won 2-0

  7. IceCubE4425 says

    Hahhhhhh Chelsea won you ManCity Mug

  8. lorne malvo says

    I hate city but this fan is simply amazing

  9. John Haigh says

    3 days is a long time in football….Spuds 0:2 Chelsea….Honeymoon period over ? Gtfoh,he’s doing fine fuckwits

  10. theodor stellmar says

    This video didnt age well

  11. Drawp Etlykitshawt says


  12. B N says

    Stfu, all teams have their ups and downs. Why don’t you apply for the managerial job. Fucking pundits, stick with your video games.

  13. Hideo Kojima says

    Is he going to blame Sarri

  14. Josh F says

    Never used to be too keen on Rory but the more i’ve listened to him the more i like him, the city fan on the other hand has always been a first class bellend

  15. Mark Woods says

    In Frank Lampard’s first season managing in the Premier League and with a transfer ban he’s done wonders at Chelsea so any criticism in my view is unfounded

  16. Bantot Kontot says

    a bunch of idiot talking about football

  17. Kai Molloy says

    Cannot believe my clubs being slagged off from a arsenal fan most toxic club in the world fans are Scum a Newcastle fan who are just irrelevant worst football I've seen park the pray for set pieces or allan saint maximan to run abit a Liverpool who yea are winning the league so far but let's be real if var wasn't here would they actually be winning the league definetly not paying the refs off city and the Trent hand ball springs to mind literally held the ball in the box the bellend and a city fan who literally cannot give out their tickets to fill their stadium on champions league night's testimonials for their biggest legend or their biggest derbys Liverpool and united fucking clowns love u Rory and Brian and hugh fuck u Lawrence and up the chels 💙fuck u spurs aswell Scum bags

  18. lil Bagel says

    imagine they got a spurs fan on here as well, carnage

  19. Steven Christianen says

    Watching Dutch football League matches I have seen lots of teams with young players carrying the team. They never last a whole season. Young Players get consistent and mature by playing lots games, but most important in their development, give them enough rest. So many Dutch teams carried by young players just burn-out. A young player puts so much energy in each game they are playing they just run out of steam. With experience the’ll learn to pace themselves and learn to last a whole season.
    A club like Ajax usually mixes in some 30-something player to take the pressure of the youngsters. I think Chelsea should do the same. imho

  20. Gal Braith says

    Can we just say something “Christiansen being thrown in at the deep end” against Calvert lewin. Calvert lewin, for a guy that watches football for a living he surprisingly seems very unobservant

  21. Simon Rebello says

    Rory talking about Kovacic being a real goalscorer this season. Correct me if I'm wrong but he has one PL goal so far?

  22. Alexb 97 says

    Come on Chelsea 💙

  23. scuba178 says

    Love the way everyone is sleeping on sheffield united and laughs when they get mentioned were 7th on merit playing the same way we have done for 3 seasons at some point people will realise this isnt a fluke and these so called big 6 dont have a god given right to be at the top!

  24. marco gosatti says

    Chelsea mocked Spurs when we were 14th & 12 points behind a month ago. Fast forward to Mourinho we could be level on points if we beat them Sunday. Right back in the mix for a Champions League place.

  25. T M says

    It's growing pains. They'll be alright. They'll figure it out.

  26. // Ritvik says

    Other opinions can be different but everyone hates that city fan

  27. The Realist #1 says

    What a pathetic video 🤣 making dramas up. Lost 8 games in lampard 26 in charge. Less than a third. Won 13. That's not bad going with transfer ban nd first season in prem. Arm chair footy fans r worse than armchair boxing fans

  28. Moodie Morgie says

    Hughs turning into a right bellend fm

  29. Jack Dickinson says

    people take the city fan Buvey too seriously. He is just there to create controversy. I just laugh at the outrageous things he says

  30. Imperium V says

    There was no honey moon

  31. Valsan says

    Man Utd are a younger side than Chelsea,but Utd don't give the excuse that we're "still a young team"

  32. jayson1979 says

    No excuse Chelsea are sinking like a stone 😀

  33. Gabriel A says

    Cfc finished 3rd last season. Irrespective of the challenges this season, they should still be playing at better. The club have obviously given Lampard time, but credit should only be given when they improve the obvious defensive frailties. The transfer ban being suspended is a problem as there will be less excuses and less time to be bought by Lampard by external observers. Lets re evaluate this time next year.

  34. Cassidy Ireland says

    Hope that City Cunt isn’t reading these comments, however, I do hope that Loz is. Get Buvey aff ffs he’s a mong.

  35. Elion Bufi says

    The City fan talks for like 30 seconds and every comment is about him. Calm the fuck down and stop chasing likes

  36. L O L says

    Chelsea have a great squad – people are trying to tell us they haven’t

  37. o m s says

    Bruh this man city fan is being destroyed poor guy I'm feeling kinda bad

  38. John Cooper - Art of Social says

    That awkward moment when you realise your hero lampard will get sacked before end of season

  39. Jay Ho says

    Chelsea’s striker Tammy’s real name is kevin, but the little bitch chooses to go by Tammy lmao. Let that sink in.

  40. Ronnie Forbes says

    People in the comments clearly can't handle Buvey's gas

  41. LS15 says

    Why is no one talking about how well liverpool are playing? We might get more points than City last 2 seasons but the media sucked them off on the regural.

  42. Drew Selby says

    Can't watch with that City fan.

  43. LKG Variety says

    Chelsea has single handedly dragged United and Spurs into the top 4 race

  44. MLD 22 says

    I absolutely love the kick off, you guys have really upped your game this season, but every time Buvey is on with his dull, smug opinions, it genuinely ruins the show for me… enough people say it… take the hint guys.

  45. antwango says

    This should be the title of the video "Rory and the lads discuss Chelsea. Everybody hates smug City boy with punchable face"

  46. Binky Ferrari says

    Rory is a troll. Good to have a bigger troll such as Buvey to pick Rory apart and put him in his place.

  47. rozzq says

    I can’t be the only person who loves buvey he just try’s to wind people up and from the comments it’s working and it’s funny af

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