INSIDE CHAMPIONS | Inter – Barça (Match preview)


Barça take on Inter Milan in the final game of Group F in the UEFA Champions League having already secured qualification to the knock-out stages. Their opponents in the San Siro however have everything to play for ahead of Monday’s draw for the next round. Go behind the scenes of the Blaugranas’ preparations ahead of the clash in Milan!

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  1. FC Barcelona says

    0:55 Training begins! ⚽️
    3:22 Latest team news 🗒️
    3:49 Traveling in style thanks to Thom Browne ✈️
    4:16 Touch down in Milan 🇮🇹
    5:11 Players meeting with fans 🤳
    7:16 Press conference with Junior Firpo and Ernesto Valverde 🎙️

  2. Shahzad Khuram says

    What you think I'm also champion

  3. Jose Villanueva says

    The team chemistry is lovely

  4. Antonio Robert says

    This girl is very cute💙❤️

  5. Francesco Dallari says


  6. ZetRix says


  7. AFC Asian Football says

    Asian football fans visit me channel

  8. Nick Basumatary says

    Why is godfather messi not playing vs inter . love from india…

  9. Civil Engineer says

    Thank you for all that, and how come you never say your name? Maybe you have, perhaps I may have missed it.

  10. Kevin01256 Pavon1234 says

    Why didn't Messi play?

  11. Estos videos estan muy bien para los britanicos

  12. Alexis Medz says

    La mina se parece a la rubia loca de Euphoria ;-D

  13. NML2005 says

    What is this cool song you got?

  14. Arya Aja says

    Messi like

  15. Shakur Rakhimov says

    Ansu Fati ladies and gentlemens

  16. John Michaels says

    Good win for Barcelona and correct decision to let Messi rest and give the youngsters a chance. It’s quite clear that Barcelona are a different team with Messi though.

  17. Jeyro Flores says

    WE WON!!

  18. Domenico Demarinis says

    Grazie mille ragazzi da uno juventino

  19. Antonio Saidiani says

    See it on Twitter! @ASaidiani

  20. Leandro Lima says

    Nas duas últimas temporadas o Barcelona foi eliminado vergonhosamente da Champions, e mesmo assim insistem no Valverde. 😡😡😡😡😡

  21. Baye Thiam says

    4 .1

  22. miroslav paradžik says

    molim vas link za utakmicu.

  23. Andrés g.V says

    ¡¡ F U E R A V A L V E R D E !!

  24. Gravity town says

    This gal gets to travel with barca squad for free 😭😭😭
    is it me or the squad looks highly motivated and lively these weeks..🤞 🤞 😀😀
    Barca 2-2 inter 👍👍

  25. Steel Dragon 93 says

    Valverde esta estupido con esa alineación que va salir a jugarle al Inter hasta cuándo va estar este entrenador mediocre

  26. rowland jnr blay says

    Is gonna be a great game

  27. Robin Hernández says

    Queremos contenido en nuestro idioma por favor somos más los latinoamericanos que apoyamos a este equipo

  28. UpDown LR says

    please hire me to be Bareclona's stylist, it is time we get rid of the mafioso grey suits.

  29. felipe dias says

    5:11 – I know this guy 🤣🤣🤣 is @messi_pique_fcb with Ter Stegen shirt

  30. Haidar Ali says

    Visca barsa

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