Chris Harris' (VERY FAST) Car Buying Advice | Top Gear: Series 27


What cars to buy and what cars NOT to buy. Small sports cars, estate cars, hot hatches, lightweight British sports cars – Harris has the answers. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:


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  1. Ace Hardy says

    Good deeds 🙌💯

  2. ThaDutchDK1989 says

    Civic type r: styled by a 8 year old 😂😂😂😂😂 so true Rice car

  3. Shay_MUFC says

    Love these short review videos

  4. Socks With Sandals says

    "You can't buy a Vauxhall it's like giving up"
    – Chris Harris

  5. Mubeen Jahangir says

    It's the first time I've seen him walking.

  6. DTW ! says

    Listen people, this guy knows his sh**

  7. Tom Brunyee says

    Cider from Somerset is still, not sparkling, you ferrel delinquent.

  8. Junior Haingura says


  9. Paul Kirby says

    I've been a fan of chris harris since the days of writing in autocar magazine. And that is not this century. Utterly brilliant. Says what he thinks, regardless of the manufacturer.
    You should have been on top gear years ago.

  10. MrWhiteguy6 says

    No SUV's? No BMW's? No sedans? No supercars? What is this?

  11. Silver Cymbal says

    He never gave the doug scores though!

  12. Niko Nasar says

    You know what? I like this new hosts!

  13. 5毛狗吃史 says


  14. John's S2K says

    GTI over the type r… come on Chris

  15. Max Williams says

    in the top gear magazine they rate the mx5 a nine and a tt a 5

  16. Muca 0077 says

    That was definitely more than 2 minutes,
    Chris Harris at his best,

  17. James Hampton says

    You and your arrogant attitude and opinion suck

  18. Zain Mazhar says


  19. Banaan Bosse says

    All yes, but the Golf GTI is just boring, it's a great car, but it's very boring..

  20. Hoverbike says

    'What not to buy'; British built cars. They are decent designers, but the assembly quality only reminds you of old Leyland.

  21. Daniel Hao says

    I have a mk6 golf r and I much prefer the i30n over the mk7 gti. You just need a good old manual to feel engaged.

  22. Truth Kangen says

    Honda Civic style by 8 year old, can you show off in front of your love one? No you can't , don't do it. Salvage Chris

  23. R K says

    I’d still take the Type R over a bland looking Rabbit. I am surprised by the lack of any saloon cars though, maybe instead of track day cars.

  24. heretustay says

    You can’t say Volkswagen on the BBC?

  25. quadcoreQ says

    Proud to be an owner of a Golf GTI

  26. Steen CZ says

    I love old top gear ❤

  27. photosphotos says

    The Lotus Elise for sure over the Caterham, you don’t have to wear a crash helmet or arm straps.

  28. sjr999r says

    Unfortunately he is 99% right. But the Skoda not the Volvo for me. Why can’t Chris say ‘Volkswagen’ on the BBC??🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  29. Rauhan Lasharie says

    Top Gear should be Chris Harris, Matt Watson and Alex Kersten.

  30. Unicorndreams xx says

    when is the TG24??? any body???

  31. Vano Scrap says

    these are formidable reviews. And EVERY WORD MATTERS. Real great journalism, Chris, thanks for being alive!

  32. Enrico Mazzoleni says

    Miata all day long.

  33. Life of Khancept says

    Chris is a legend.

  34. Andrés Navarro says

    Why a Fiat 500 instead of an Abarth 595 competizione ??

  35. Neeraj Chelat says

    If i could afford any of them it would be in the order of the MX 5, V90, civic type R and the Ariel atom( definitely need a arai or shoei helmet along with it )

  36. Cue says

    For most this would be a 30min vid going on and on about useless crap…

  37. Tito Estrada says

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