Chelsea & Third-Man Runs | Possession at High Speed


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In this video, I’ve tried to analyze Chelsea’s move of third-man runs and how they move the ball so quickly from defense to offense
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  1. Sakib Yasar says

    Please make a video on how chelsea can improve their overall defence!

  2. Dray Knight says

    We also call it “Up-Back-Through”. Line-breaking pass to a player creating depth, set pass to holding player, split pass to the runner getting in behind.

  3. saypool scaloz says

    dont exposed my team gameplay nouman. i warn u… 😀

  4. Thomas Joy says

    Yea.. Actually sarri's napoli did this on a regular basis.. Trademark

  5. Erikali26 says

    Great video and great soundtrack. Not all one-touch passes on last example tho.

  6. ligeiro says

    bro I love your videos please keep em coming… Thanks

  7. ndani ndaba says

    this is a basic soccer move that everyone who plays it must know it.

  8. Raghav Shankar says

    Nice video

  9. Thịnh Phạm Việt says

    Can you make a video about Kovacic' role this season. He is fucking incredible

  10. Thịnh Phạm Việt says

    It is really satisfying to watch Chelsea this season. Actually, Chelsea had a fantastic playstyle under Sarri but maybe Sarri could not use the players effectively like Lampard.

  11. Is-Kachi Dim says

    Why exposing our tactics?

  12. Origional Guy says

    pls we are waiting for the video. its been 2days now

  13. Ilya R says

    Enjoyed watching, great note

  14. Pj Naik says

    Deep man


  16. Prince Agyapong says

    Nouman… Keep on doing Amazing videos 🔥🔥

  17. Peng Li says

    Chelsea is the best

  18. HK Tawa Limbu says

    Very OUTDATED video

  19. khalid ali says

    With time and bring the right players chelsea will definitely be the team to beat.

  20. soala membere otaji says

    whats the name of the song please

  21. Jonathan A. S says

    Can you analyze James Maddison, please?

  22. Sam Allardyce says

    lampard > ole

  23. Avev Rian says

    Bro, what is the songs name

  24. mohd alfatani says

    Please do anaylsis on robert lewandowski!

  25. Haneef Amusat says

    Seriously dude, thanks for all the work you do. It helps players and coaches alike all around the world and your work is truly for the better.

    Thanks man, I appreciate it. 👍

  26. the comment replier says

    Do a video about Liverpool tactical strategy so us other team in EPL know what they r doing

  27. FIFA Lords & Legends says

    This is just target man football. Tammy and giroud would be the target strikers and the rest of the players are allowed to move freely and use their pace to exploit spaces and gaps. nothing new or different.

  28. Hello Nouman, it's great if you add more defender Analysis

  29. Simon HK says

    Instrumental name.
    Or song pls??

  30. Kingzz Ezedosolz says

    What is name backsound bro?

  31. Tobias Bosire says

    So u did this video to show ManCity how to stop us???

  32. bernard okoronkwo says

    Chelsea will have one hell of a game against the wounded defending champions. Too bad, cos Man C will have them for supper.

  33. Josh Rogers says

    The old “Up, back and through” love it.

  34. Dele Hope says

    Do neymar Jr tactical analysis

  35. Ariz Ozil says

    Do about unai emery tactics nowadays nouman

  36. Saud Sheikh says

    3:17 I am missing hazard in chelsea

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