1. Wieslaw Sobocinski says

    Atletico vs Barca 0 – 1

  2. Lesvuo says

    What's the name of the beautiful blonde woman?

  3. SoNy THeSlaye says

    velbarde out

  4. Catherine Tait says


  5. Aizen X says
  6. Ixpertz says

    I'm straight but I would frick Messi

    Jk 😂 🤣


  8. Lucas Quintana UwU says

    2:19:10 GOOOOOL

  9. Antumpro 999 says

    deverian motivar a griezman para que quiera bailarse a algun contrincante devez en cuando y asi no

  10. mercado1011 says

    I love these girls . Visca barca

  11. Ozymandias says

    With ATLETICO only 1-0? Hahahahahaha barca you asss

  12. Hooman Bekhradi says

    Valverde out!

  13. СОЦИОМ says


  14. Md. Aminul Hoque says

    Messi for the Ballon d'Or.

  15. Ali Abdu says

    Messi Messi King 1 Barcelona 100

  16. Mr. Prithvi says

    Who is more handsome?
    Bearded Messi?
    Beardless Messi?

  17. Sam Azari says

    another victory because of messi, VALVERDE OUT

  18. Jordi Alba says

    What a shame barcelona 😬 how long will you survive on the only talent of great Ter stegen… Shame shame!!!! # Valvarde out

  19. pess hunter 71 says

    Messi hero 😎

  20. roblaxplays dope says

    Valverde sack him out

  21. Hakeem Ade says

    Up messi Great man

  22. Barça Herb. says

    VISCA EL BARÇA 💙❤️👍😎

  23. محمد الخفاجي says


  24. Nata Li says


  25. Meli Freije says

    Valverde OUT

  26. Messi messi messi… my idol

  27. KARDM MARZQ says

    MESSI sos de otro planeta todo el MUNDO 🌎 lo sabe chaval……. cuando te retires del fútbol la magia se acabara en las canchas chaval 😭👏⚽️🐐🐐🐐

  28. jhony boy says

    Valverde out

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  30. Jwngsar Brahma says

    👍🏼🙏🙏🙏 Lionel Messi

  31. Chika Mialinda says

    Valverde out! Bartomeu out!

  32. Hand Nou says

    Why cant you just show us the match instead of speaking

  33. let¨s go my Barca of my soul…

  34. Izaque Rodrigues says

    Valverde outt…

  35. Izaque Rodrigues says

    Fora Valverde!!!

  36. Isabel Lopez castillo says

    Viva Messi

  37. cesar gustavo says

    The sky is the limit. Congratulations on the golden ball!!!

  38. Cliff Kampie says

    I love the Shenyera shirt.

  39. Elizabeth Fl says


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