Pranking My Little Brother and then Buying his Dream Car!


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Pranking My Little Brother and then Buying his Dream Car! with Preston 👊

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  1. Preston says

    SUBSCRIBE or I'll prank YOU next! 😂

  2. E Ochoa says

    no don’t prank me or i will prank you 😈

  3. chris GRENFELL says


  4. Adam Meza says

    Preston I’ll take that car

  5. Nate Dog says

    That Camero is my dream car but that thing is a fixer upper

  6. Lacey Rose says

    you don't even no where I live i'm only telling you I live in st joe

  7. Tag Tic says


  8. Argires Flevarakis says

    Nice prank

  9. Argires Flevarakis says

    I got your merch on Christmas 2019

  10. Madison Flaherty says

    Preston do more vids with your fam

  11. GGC GAMER DRAX says


  12. Simranjit Singh says

    I subscribe

  13. Dreygon Schear says

    That Camaro could be a nice car if you fixed it il though.

  14. Ashiq Ali says

    Pre azan

  15. Idris Zahoor says


  16. Jeremiah Harris says

    Person where do you live because I want to prank you😂

  17. Dabber Man says

    PRANK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Victor Sorum says


  19. Jayme Appleman says

    Preston I make millions from yt

    I buy a car for 1k

  20. Trixie T. says

    Happy 1m subscriber preston

  21. Cai Qin says

    Preston I luv u

  22. vishesh yengaldas says

    Caleb is your younger bro little bro is joshua

  23. Aj Bailey says


  24. Kellgod Gaming2.0 says

    Preston swears

  25. CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo 7 says

    Can't get me in Nepal on you can at 2020

  26. Jack Stewart The 3rd says

    V4 EcoBoost… 🤦‍♂️. Inline 4 EcoBoost.

  27. Brendan35shoot T says

    More like "watching mr beasts video and copying it"

  28. 911- TROLL OP says

    Plz give me a shoutout I watch ur every video

  29. If your a FAN of Preston
    Make this blue plz

  30. Tabitha Thomas says

    I would have kept the Camaro I look better than the mustang I love classic cars they are 10x faster

  31. 蛇啊那Sean says

    Preston I am believing you you must win Nathan

  32. ƝเҜє αиgєl says
  33. Ilari Smash says

    Preston: it’s like where brothers
    Caleb: we are brothers

  34. Christina Pham says

    If you do not like PewDiePie press the like button

  35. Memes Lol says

    How old is Caleb BTW

  36. Ramish Jan says

    First give me airpods and iPhone than I do it

  37. Savageboss Not your Bisness says

    sub to my other comment if it was funny

  38. The Brothers says

    12:54 umm yeah tesla

  39. The Brothers says

    11:9 umm yeah

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