"Pepe is going to get better and better!" | Freddie Ljungberg on Arsenal's win over West Ham


Arsenal interim head coach Freddie Ljungberg gives his thoughts on the Gunners’ 3-1 win over West Ham, and the performance of Nicolas Pépé.

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  1. Tayeeb Hussain says

    Time flies i still remember freddie at 24 scoring goals for fun.

  2. Rick Ravi says

    Killing us

  3. Jck Luton says

    His English is brilliant

  4. Razr sliQ says

    How was today's game Freddie?


  5. Razr sliQ says

    Sweedish Flames.

  6. Razr sliQ says

    I really hope Arsenal wins Europa and FA Cup under Freddie.

  7. A X 2 says

    finally, a manager I can actuality understand. Also well done pepe and the rest of arsenal

  8. Luke Ross says

    Cmon the arsenal got to start strong them maintain it against city
    We proved we can do it in one half now let’s really go all out!!!🦾⛓

  9. Alex Healy says

    Was skeptical of Freddie being a full time coach, but these interviews have made me really really hope he gets a proper shot

  10. CHARGEKIT. V8 says

    Reporter: Congratulations you’ve won your first premier league trophy as a manager are you happy

    Freddie: nooo…..

  11. Replying is futile says

    This club breeds wierdos

  12. Maven Frankeus says

    Being a Swede I know Freddie would never take the credit for anything, unlike Mourinho or Wenger.

  13. Simpaticus says

    In Sweden we use the word " nä " like the english word " well " for example

    Swedish – " Nä men det var en bra match , nä men som jag sa så spelade vi bra "

    English – " Well it was a good game, well like I said we played good "

    Probably why he says " no/ nah " instead of " well "

  14. xd Milz says

    Freddie is Swedish and speaks better English than Harry Kane

  15. Harvey Martin says

    I love this man

  16. Death To Atlantis says

    Okay, dare I say it, Freddie has a calm happiness to him right now that’s really infectious

  17. Patrick Ng says

    Its good to have a manager who can convey his message clearly and elegantly in post match interviews

  18. O S says

    why this niga exactly like clOwnLE GUNNA

  19. Dennis Luts says

    Dont get deluded now, pepe looked like a championship player in the first 60min

  20. E Man. says


  21. jim jim says

    That smile Freddie

  22. Rinawma khiangte says


  23. Rinawma khiangte says

    Next game, denfender — calum chamber, sokratis, david luiz, kolasinaG

  24. Danny Zuko says

    We should get Rafa Benitez in… He will lock down our defense… Make us hard to beat

  25. Laz C says

    This guy is cool!

  26. Willy Skallz says

    Freddie so positive…love it

  27. Jamie Oliver says

    Looool this is like in FM when you praise a player and hope they improve

  28. Jack Callaghan says

    He is shitting himself for city

  29. harryirene1 says

    Don't get too excited Freddie, West Ham are even worse than Arsenal at the minute.

  30. AsHu says

    Put Luiz instead of Xhaka, and play Laca instead of Ozil as false 9

  31. Rinawma khiangte says

    Arsenal regular succed player —- defender--: calum chamber, tierney, kolasinac, luiz, midfelder—+ guiendozy , xaka, pepe, martineli, ,forward — aubemaguy or lacazet

  32. Anwar Temam says

    I’m just glad we finally got someone who speaks English I can understand 👌🏽😁😂

  33. Oldskoolmercs says

    Freddie is just winging it!!

  34. Oldskoolmercs says

    "Pepe is going to get better and better!" – why dont you say you made a mistake by not picking him! Be Honest!!!

  35. P Singh says

    freddie, thierry, dennis, patrick and robert all coaching staff under a world class manager… imagine that

  36. Dream Clean says

    Bring back Wenger

  37. Milly says


  38. jm12 says

    This guy is gonna b a revelation.

  39. Mr B says

    Freddy has the skill set to be a great manager but I don't think he is ready just yet! He needs to work with a really good coach like Poch then he will be ready!

  40. A Scandinavian with the attitude of an Aussie .

  41. Abdalla Noor says

    We want fearless and hard working players like Mertineli,the guy is class i really liked since day one and surprised why he was not given opportunity in the premier league

  42. karthik mayavathi says

    Well done manager come on

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