New Arsenal Head Coach Mikel Arteta Poses For Photos In The Emirates Stadium


New Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta poses for photos during his unveiling at the Emirates Stadium.

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Xem thêm bài viết khác:

  1. jorge góes says

    Eu estou contado as horas para a estreia de Arteta

  2. aku dewa says

    cari menang yah di QQhokibola

  3. Fataax Qaasim says

    Happy birthday for Arsenal

  4. hooyo hooyo says


  5. hooyo hooyo says


  6. Sokanola Majekodunmi says

    He has the Arsenal DNA and he's one of us. Damn all naysayers. COYG! ☺

  7. Labu Ozil says

    Well came to our hom!!!!

  8. Mukhtar Hajji says

    It's a nature to be happier when u realise that you're going back to home

  9. Iadek Neysuk says


  10. John Bradford says

    Seen a bigger turn out in greggs the bakers 😂

  11. Bonny Bonny says

    His walking style tells you he is here for work. No more time for jokers.

  12. Mr B says

    I hope Mikel Arteta can do a job at Arsenal, it is a risk only time wil tell if it pays off. ArseBlog done a good article on Mikel Arteta appoitment to the head coach postion at Arsenal.

  13. ooh to B says

    Is that how bad we have become putting Arteta in goal.

  14. Adrian says

    1:32 🎤 Every now and then I get a little bit lonely and you're never coming round

  15. Joshua Yoma says

    I just love this

  16. hansoe oo says

    Welcome to home.

  17. Tak Gunner says


  18. Tak Gunner says


  19. Dave Ryan says

    Good turn out!

  20. Luigi says

    backing him until the end like emery. hopefully our fans can realize these players aren't good enough

  21. Sanya Chobaied says

    WOW wow

  22. Zé Gomes says

    New man in charge has no chill Mikel on short sleeve

  23. kaar farax says

    Mikel Arteta is a warrior.. I can se it in his eyes. He will not make Arsenal worse than it is now. He only make them better.

  24. Balla Boy says

    Welcome home Mikel Arteta

  25. Football says

    Emirates looks so beautiful 😩❤️

  26. Ian Hutchinson says

    Arteta is the future in years to come we will be feared, no longer will we be the joke clown club we are now currently Up the gunners.

  27. Infinito says

    Also from a human standpoint this appointment is pretty interesting. Just look at how someone with a positive mindset, sharp and direct way of communicating can change a conversation/room/environment/club in an instant. So excited to see what he's gonna do.

  28. Just Sum Guy says

    Our loss..Arsenals gain….

  29. Bro652 TecH says

    They asked me to become arsenal manger I turned them down

  30. IGN Danny says

    Can’t wait to see him vs pep 🤣

  31. james moses says

    Up gunners

  32. Mujeeb Ahmed says

    Hopefully some exciting times ahead.. COYG!

  33. Andre Codner says

    Why you people are been so negative… jose pep klopp zinedine start somewhere

  34. Redhotsaycool123 says

    Wtffff always on the cheap Arsenal…not happy

  35. Gimme A Break says

    Arsenal is a joke now…smh

  36. Rezwan Ahmed says

    Why his face looking so gaming console type to me

  37. Harlem Jvmvicvn says


  38. iGF99 says

    still more full than etihad on matchday

  39. abhi ram says

    #GoonArteta (That's go on not goon)

  40. stephan burnett says


  41. Tallboss TV says

    I love this damn club… in good are bad times I'll forever be a gunner

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