Lil Durk "Real" (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)


Watch the official music video for “Real” by Lil Durk.

The new album Lil Durk2 2x available now! Stream:
Lil Durk 2X tour starts now, Oct. 20th – Dec. 22nd:

Directed by Rio Productions.

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  1. Dayeton Ashworth says

    Roxy 30 broski..percs stop at 10mg..u still the shit tho

  2. Llenny Santana says


  3. Kèàrrà Jèffèrsòñ says

    gotta watch out for who love me them the same people a hurt me

  4. zay balla says

    I love this guy right hear ‼️💯🔥🔥🔥🤞🏻😤😤😤

  5. Javiel Sthilaire says


  6. MAMA RAEDEAN says


  7. THE ONLY NI says

    This actually helps with juice wrlds death

  8. Alexis Bueno says

    He’s celebrating

  9. Mour Banz says

    This when durk became durkio

  10. Chris Thomas says

    Who bumping this on Thanksgiving?

  11. 🔈🔉🔊💯💪🏻🔥

  12. Abraham Diabate says

    2k19 Who Still Listening ?

  13. Nick spagnolo says

    Pour a cup of that dirty might take a Perc 30 😈

  14. frank da Tank says

    My favorite Lil' Durk's song, great flow !

  15. Jamriaon 2K19 says


  16. Travonte Sellars says

    this song got me through dark times

  17. OTF KINGLEO Bryant says

    Most dangerous rap group of all time OTF or NWA you choose like for OTF comment for NWA

  18. L´A Capone says

    Back in the days when RIO Productions made movies

  19. RCBaller&Hooper 11 says

    Babymomma acting evil, uncle still playing with them needles 😔

  20. Ben Zam says

    It will 2030 and ill still be bumping this in optima . best rappper Alive#

  21. bigem8241 says

    Nathan died for what he believed IN

  22. corts hollins says

    That nigga got the hardtop George Jefferson haircut

  23. marquis boyce says

    Still too raw in November 2019

  24. Curtiss Christenson says

    Real niggas gotta feel me

  25. Don Malik says

    You are going down in history for your music and legacy to Chicago. I love you. Thank you!😥

  26. Denise McDowell says

    Durkio 💯 11/2019

  27. Don Malik says

    That's what happened when you try to kill Malik.

  28. Charles Johnson says

    I’m bumping this all 2020 lil Durk went off.

  29. Keyondre Brown says

    Still here 🌹2019 like

  30. Deandre Thomas says

    One day I hope I can say I made it like lil durk

  31. Rain Gmg Roses says

    Still loving this song its still my fave 💯

  32. Don Malik says

    Soul only.

  33. Don Malik says

    Durk!!! This song helped through a time when God making me a stronger king.

  34. Leonard Weathers says

    Real 😅💯👍 Rap….Real💨💨💨💨

  35. Richard roa says

    i was locked up with lil reese

  36. Antoine Johnson says

    He gotta texas cut

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