Inside Anfield: Liverpool 2-0 Watford | TUNNEL CAM


Watch the unseen footage from the Anfield tunnel and beyond as the Reds beat Watford thanks to two goals from Mo Salah.

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  1. Liverpool FC says

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  2. Thrilla from Manila says

    Anybody know who this fine lady is @8:32?

  3. Human says

    Heckenkowitz is actually okay. Aryan, Indian, Hindu, Zaina Buddhism all over the world used it thousands of years ago by Hitler, who borrowed it from the Aryans. Liverpool or Westerners are ignorant of Japanese war crimes. That's why you're using Japanese Hackenkowitz, right? In terms of history, the Hackenkroitz is older than Japan, so let's use the Harkenkrit!!!!!! LOL

  4. MARTHO 188199 says


  5. Mohammed Alomani says

    We gonna WIN THE LEAGUE!!

  6. Mohamed Kamal Radwan says

    Could not see the 2nd amazing goal or salah getting the man of the game

  7. Genesis junkie26 says

    Sometimes I wonder why I quit soccer🥺

  8. ǟɮɖʊʟǟ says

    6:537:457:47 warra great shot!

  9. Daniel Lopez says


  10. Mostafa Abdelmonem says


  11. humans nature says

    nice………………………………… happy liverpool

  12. Hanne Larsen says

    Come on Manchester United

  13. Ako Gambler says

    7:09 He know Mane or Salah will scoring..MASTERPIECE PASSING. what a humble top-striker all of time in the Modern Era.

  14. Josana Senna says

    Vai guentar meu Mengão???

  15. R4 BRBR Br says

    Livepool is cheat

  16. R4 BRBR Br says

    I hate liverpool

  17. Cheikh MBOUP says

    What a mane's header

  18. Ste Grace says

    We should get all the
    Former LFC managers together and have a compatiton between them and Klopp to see who can get from the dug out area …to the changing room quickest!…..

  19. Bren R says

    No salha 3 season wonder

  20. Punyisa Kaewkhampa says

    8:33 is she an actress from spiderman homecoming?

  21. Vanderlea Aparecida says


  22. Mohamed Ali says

    VVD: come on guys let's f🤬🤬king do this.
    Klopp: BOOM!😂😂

  23. aku dewa says

    taruhan? QQhokibola saja
    biar gak salah bandar

  24. GTA Games fre fare says

    Flamengo 5×1 Liverpool

  25. Anonymous says

    Mo salah ♥️👑

  26. Barmaglot2003 says

    What's the most dangerous thing for teams playing against Liverpool?
    They win a corner kick

  27. jalil akses says


  28. ASTRO WORLD says

    Bit of Jorja Smith playing in the dressing room 🤣

  29. tshepang_gm says

    I like seeing the fan’s facial expression, I can relate so much


    Anyone notice that Klopp will only run if we’re winning at halftime. He never does it if we’re losing or drawing

  31. Abo zain abo zain says

    الجمهور كله ياصيح ويقول مو مو مو حبيبي قلبي محمد صلاح ابومكه الغالي

  32. Emilio De Zenea says


  33. Stubborn FA

  34. thor7789 says

    Anyone else keep looking at the league table even though you know how many points we have? 🙂

  35. Marcos Luiz says

    Flamengo campeão Brasileirão, Libertadores e Mundial 2019
    Flamengo 3 x 0 Liverpool 🇧🇷🔴⚫

  36. dod snop says

    Liverpool seja amigo do flamengo friends 🔴⚫🏆

  37. timmo3351 says

    Johnson-Thompson is gorgeous 😍

  38. pinkie s sans/fallanbooster says

    Aston villa 5-0 liverpool FC


    Edit:still wondering why they put unknown players into the field.(no offense)

  39. Khayzen Carter says

    instead of signing Mbappe sign Kevin De Bruyne

  40. Tonka tonka says

    That didn't go down too well, camera behind a steward for salahs 2nd goal. As useful as a chocolate teapot and just as dumb. Do better

  41. Bruno Rosa says

    Flamengo 🔴⚫🔴🇧🇷

  42. LIVERPOOL, BUTCHER THE FLAMENGO! Greetings from Corinthians, 2012 Club World Cup winner against Chelsea! 🤜🏼🤛🏼

  43. Maxisgg Lah says

    Ya know why LFC is first in premier league, Not because they win, because they have good players

  44. mediacenter man says

    So, you could not find a better angle than this??? 10:02

  45. ala' Arabyat says

    Mo salah was just practicing his right foot, long live king 👑👑

  46. Noura elazony says

    I like how kloop treat players wonderful ❤ ❤ ❤

  47. Noura elazony says

    I don't know who makes dislike????

  48. Alar Truve says

    Am i the only one who recognized Katarina Johnson-Thompson? Great to see another Liverpool legend.

  49. Fourty4 Rüdy says

    The world fucking over smart coach

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