Ferrari Roma – Stunning Italian Sports Car


The Ferrari Roma’s 620 HP engine belongs to the V8 turbo family voted International Engine of the Year for four years in a row. The main innovations on this version of the Ferrari V8 are new cam profiles, a speed sensor which measures the turbine revolutions and allows the maximum revs per minute to be increased by 5,000 rpm, and the introduction of the Gasoline Particulate Filter to comply with the strictest Euro 6D anti-pollution standards.

Engine: V8 turbo 3855cc
Max power: 620 horsepower at 5,750 – 7,500 rpm
Max torque: 760 Nm at 3,000 – 5,750 rpm
Dry weight: 1,420 kg
0-100 km/h (62mph): 3.4 sec
0-200 km/h (124mph): 9.3 sec
Top speed: 320 km/h (198 mph)

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  1. John Knight says

    Jaguar F Type LoL

  2. last name says

    martin, hi astons?

  3. Shanu Pratap says

    What is name of the girl at 1.32

  4. Antoine Maxima says

    cough,cough aston martin db11

  5. FETH says

    Soon i will buy the Dacia Lodgy, that have a bigger boot.

  6. front lights copy from volvo
    back side copy from cayman 718
    interior control panel copy from carrera gt 2006
    nice ferrari ! from this model you have lose your personality…

  7. ferrari vroma

  8. Ícaro Moreira says

    Ferrari feia da porra.

  9. Muhammet Emir says


  10. selven SKN narasigan says

    The music

  11. ooo xxx says


  12. chilli pom pom says

    Lets take two ferraris to buy a book, good idea.
    Dislikes come from aston martin owners

  13. Полтос Моторов says

    что нужно дать людям?
    (joke for Russians)

  14. あの時のPONY says


  15. Meh meth says

    I thought mazda miata for sec

  16. Ya Ho says

    We want sexy midship ferrari, not coupe style aston martin.

    Why modern ferrari is obssesed with damn coupe style…

  17. rocky towncatblack says

    The best ads from Ferrari after a very long time. This really suits the soul of the car

  18. Scorpion7substance says

    Aston Martin: We will win the contract for the next 007 James Bond movie.
    Ferrari: Hold my vino.

  19. It doesn't look like a Ferrari! It looks like something between Jaguar, Aston Martin and Maserati!

  20. Eisen J Eisen says

    You can love the car more than you can love the girl!

  21. chacal abutre says

    Aston Martin

  22. 강연호 says


  23. Maximilian Tempel says

    This isn‘t a ferrari
    Its a asian copy of a aston martin with a horse as logo

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