Chelsea 0-1 West Ham | Blues Dealt HUGE Blow In Top 4 Race!



Frank Lampard takes on one of his former sides as West Ham visit Chelsea. Can they bounce back following their defeat to Manchester City and add more pressure onto Manuel Pellegrini? 

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Premier League Matchday 14:

Newcastle vs Manchester City
Burnley vs Crystal Palace
Chelsea vs West Ham
Liverpool vs Brighton
Tottenham vs Bournemouth
Southampton vs Watford
Norwich vs Arsenal
Wolves vs Sheffield United
Leicester vs Everton
Manchester United vs Aston Villa



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  1. I-Am Sax says

    I cant believe my comment made the highlight real😂 I wasnt talking about you Dougie I meant the guy next to you looks like Howard Webb

  2. Nidz Mo says

    Is it just me or did he say wanyama!!?? when asked about the Fabinho injury…..and what is worse is that nobody realised what he said, including Smithy who is a spurs fan……shows they are not really listening to him……..😂😂😂

  3. kgpgotenks says

    Chelsea and Lampard are getting a reality check.

  4. Premier League Freak says

    The guy on the right said in JLA video that, Raheem Sterling is among the top 3 player in the world, so he think Raheem would produce same number at barcelona or Bayern Munich, I don't think so

  5. Tevin Aduma says
  6. Daisy Willy says

    They should put Tammy on bench and begin with batshuai

  7. Will Goic says

    Is sky but only for the UK or can you use it in America

  8. Elijah Mtiah says

    Someone tell Lampard that's what happens when you estimate your opponents, he better started Batchuayi over Girou, poor Pedro, and Odoi is a master of SHOTS OFF TARGET 😞😕

  9. Taf says

    Huge blow?? Have you seen the table, calm down kids

  10. Connor Stewart says


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