1. J D says

    So what broke?

  2. Emloy Z says

    8:13 thank me later

  3. lilhoe says

    When's the Netflix special, y'all got something special going on!

  4. Above Beyondz says

    7:02 he was about to kick her ass lmao

  5. Brendan's World says

    He looks like a younger version of Chow from The Hangover

  6. thepassionofthegoose says

    Enough with the crap watches.

  7. Moe R says

    How crazy is it that we see AGX and Sheepy guys hanging out together these 2 shops are sick glad to see them in the same video

  8. 34gtrskyline1 says

    Well that was a non-event.

  9. TK. TypicalPanda says

    I live in Washington and I was actually driving from Cali to Washingington and u are right next to me bc I live on the bottom of Washington

  10. obed-farley joseph says


  11. ItsDonnty says

    i dont even care about the car thats a nice ass trailer

  12. ItsDonnty says

    6:30 my dad and I see who can get a big ass truck and a trailer through a drive through without hitting the most shit

  13. ĸιlla says

    her laugh though…

  14. Rogue Yamaha says

    What makes this illegal?

  15. Clint Holder says

    Merry Christmas 🎁

  16. Glock Guy's says

    Smh cant take care of a dam thing

  17. ami garver tarnate says

    I bet the fbi is in your house-its a joke dont take it seriously-

  18. Roscoe Sparkz says

    does everything for clout

  19. Eric Kelly says

    Between spilling coffee all over your nuts lol starbucks lady looked so disgusted what no tip???

  20. Owen says

    Are you and Emelia dating

  21. It’s me Magna says

    Im from Bakersfield 😳😳

  22. CaviDS says

    Why do you all keep calling it "an illegal race car" it is not illegal, just not "street legal" If it was illegal, that would mean that by owning it you could go to jail.

  23. MasMotorsports says

    Actually you drove it your height, exatcly 5 feet 9 inches. 😂, good show lets fix it now 👨‍🔧

  24. jim grimm says

    Puts pump gas in race car then tries to drive a car that is extremely hard to drive at low speeds with the clutch and transmission through a drive through. "ItS NoT RuNnInG RiGhT"

  25. Andrew Lindsey says

    @Alex you guys have visited and passed my hometown/raced here a number of times. It's always a pleasure to see you guys out here. Especially at the shift sector half mile races hosted in Coalinga. Hope to see DDE out here again.

  26. Tony vahan Nersisyan says

    Man bring back the lamb v3

  27. Tony vahan Nersisyan says

    Watched it to the end just now gotta tell u bud, this was the best vid of ur I've specially after the drive thru 🤣

  28. Tony vahan Nersisyan says

    Alex I love your character bro ur funny af

  29. ShadyBeatz BSO says

    "buying a race car with a huge usb port on the back"

  30. cinekour says

    RXCs are the best, Radical is radical

  31. RJ Lamb says

    Its a Track car, not a burnout/drag car

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