Barcelona vs. Real Madrid reaction: Disappointing El Clasico? | La Liga


ESPN FC’s Frank Leboeuf, Craig Burley, Shaka Hislop and Gab Marcotti debate the level of Barcelona and Real Madrid in their 0-0 draw at the Camp Nou. Leboeuf says he wished there was more fire from both sides, while Burley and Marcotti counter that Zinedine Zidane’s side edged Barcelona tactically to get a point away from home. Marcotti adds that Barca showed their “Lionel Messi dependency” and found it hard to create chances without him in the attack.

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  1. 🙏🙏🙏🙏
    1:08 🧡🧡❤

  2. Hawk Who Knows All says

    It Should have been 2 – 0 for BARCELONA.

  3. Mr_Nour123 says

    Suarez was the worst tbh

  4. Lv7 says

    they are not gonna discuss the open goal miss by messi

  5. Justin Galindo says

    It means more in la liga you have a title race on one side of the world and on the other you have a team that’s blowing everyone out.I rather watch a 0-0 el Classico + title race then watch premier league knowing that it doesn’t matter if a 3rd place team wins a game.

  6. Dirty Dan says

    No Cristiano Ronaldo = No El Classico

  7. King Football says

    Is there any respect between these two teams

  8. denis okelo says

    This panel is always wrong, the way they predicted against Madrid went sour. Real Madrid is fantastic

  9. Bibin Jose says

    Who miss cr7

  10. harsh sakre says

    Real Madrid is still improving game by game we have lost someone like cr7 and about Barcelona every team has thick and thin moment . They just need better coach but as a real Madrid fan 😜 i don't want that but for Spanish league it is important…

  11. Johan Smid says

    It was a pity that Messi did not play….

  12. Ayush Mishra says

    Zidane tactically outwitted valverde.Zidane showed that he is a great tactician as well as a good motivator converting real madrid in one of the big forces again.

  13. Jovan Leon says

    Barcelona vs Real Madrid and yet it was still Ronaldo that scored. 🤣

  14. iam theking says

    We hate on Valverde since AS Roma game in CL. Some even before. Yet, he's still there. I stop being Barcelona fan if he is not out by the end of the season I swear to God.

  15. Momo says

    Neither keepers had to make a save!!! What is this guy smoking. Ter stegen made many important saves, and Tibo did the same

  16. Arnab Roy says

    FCB were Penalty proof and inside of goal side area they were ferocious physically , how would you expect goal from Madrid even though they dominated the game.

  17. Manoj Kumar says

    Rakitic turns Varane's shirt into XXL
    *Referee- 🙄🤔🤭😚
    Fendy's offside and Bale scores
    *Referee and VAR🧐😡😤🤬🤬

  18. Aditya Swamy says

    No goals but a fairly intense as a Barca fan obviously disappointed by the overall performance but still

  19. Robert Pearson says

    not a great game but proves madrid aint as bad as people think,the 'great one' was playing and still no goals??

  20. J'Quan Clarke says

    I enjoyed it

  21. Akash Pandya says

    Coming from a Barca fan, Real should have won the match. They deserved it. Even without Hazard and Marcelo they did pretty great job in pressing high and keeping Barca in their half for longer time. Madrid was playing clinical, they had tactics and an attitude to win the game. While Barca on other hand no tactics, no attitude and only bus parking. Never imagined a tiki-taka expert and lethal team would adapt bus parking and dumbass counter attack approach!
    Valverde and Bartomeu seriously need to go or else we as well as Messi are doomed!

  22. Ricardo Meza Marroquín says

    I don’t understand why the analists has no comment on how bad a manager is Valverde, terrible line-up, terrible idea of how to beat the rival, how to be better than the rival, and be more agressive and intense than the rival. Be defensive at home and wait to Messi to resolve everything is a Childs plan.

  23. Samrudda Gn says

    How many of you agree real should have got 2 penalties in first half?

  24. Top Videos says

    I wish Ronaldo was in this Classico because he would score and then that would motivate Messi to score and that would repeat a couple more times and because of that Barca players would try to foul Ronaldo and real players would try foul Messi and that would make intensity and more rivalry in the game and make it better more exciting and forgot this they would get in fights and arguements etc and bring the clash of el clasico

  25. Chato _7 says


  26. Top Videos says

    Barca had some chances so did real I don’t know if the ref was bribed but I don’t think it’s true because if Barca bribed the ref they would of won right

  27. da1 _19 says

    El clasico really isn't exciting anymore, I used to look forward to it all the time as if it was a champions league final, but now the quality of both teams have dropped significantly.

  28. straight Otalk says

    Did u c how much missed by Messi in el Classico? And this man own ballon d ore. A media darling can own ballon d ore without doing nothing. Shame on you.
    Messi is a gone case. But as he is media darling. They will say he is from another 🪐. So he doesn’t know how to score goal. 😜

  29. Po pe Kev says

    Valverde needs to go Barca board of directors are idiots

  30. Cali says

    1:12 did he say “DMV”?

  31. Sithembile Mabunda says

    Y'all constantly talk rubbish!!

  32. Mahadevan Raman says

    Barca deserves a better coach ,bring Guardiola back

  33. Claude Makelele says

    Pathetic bias from the media and teenage Messi/Barca fans.
    When Real Madrid outlays they, give excuses like Barca had no intensity and blames Ernesto…..but had it been the other way, they'd be sucking Messi so hard. Pathetic.

  34. Daniel says

    this is why the world laughs at americans when it comes to football

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