1. Muhammad Syukri says

    0:28 is that buffon?

  2. Sheikhazim Al_kasimi says


  3. Sheikhazim Al_kasimi says

    i stink of ashes (mess*

  4. Sheikhazim Al_kasimi says

    dapat bohh

  5. nor azmi says

    why ronaldo not happy !

  6. Amyy Jamdin says

    Higuain very good

  7. Muhammad Salleh says

    What an awesome team Piemonte Calcio, salute! Sorry I meant Juventus, it’s FIFA 20 auto-correct. 😝

  8. Lewis Hamilton says


  9. Reaketsu Aoju says

    higuain old and quite heavy, still has incredible first touch + off the ball.. ronaldo simply never give up until manage to score at least a goal.. terrifying juve + sarri ball.. forza juve..

  10. Constantine Joseph says

    Higuain and CR7 together again. Its like 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 Real Madrid front line all over again. Nostalgia relived

  11. TheLuozhixiang says

    Higuain learn his first touch from Lukaku

  12. Lova Mr says

    Cr7 unlucky 😠 3 goals he can get it 💪💪

  13. De Teiche says

    Dybala ngn ronaldo dah ada chemistry

  14. KuPuteh Puteh says

    Juve punya player da nak sama macam mancity. Player ramai2 star nak buat ape? Bukan main epl pun.

  15. mohd syahfiq says

    Different every body know many player approved.

  16. pejuang berjuang says

    harvetz = trash hahaha stupid how fifa he very OP

  17. BeetleSauce says

    No hope for real madrid with these juve man… Real madrid is gonna struggle.. Wish zidane could make it

  18. Elliott Wong says

    Jradecky kept Leverkusen in the game!!! Well done!!

  19. Simple Man says

    Buffon The Flying Italian come to see juventus match

  20. Sylvester Unyang says

    Bayer Goalkeeper played well too

  21. Ucu Tiram Puchong says

    with CR7 in Juve, can they win champion league? hurmmm

  22. izzal channel says

    Cr7 goat!!!

  23. LOLIBEE lele says

    Higuan mmg boek la.. Kat chelsea diaa kena curse ni hahaha

  24. TOP GUN!!! says

    Higuan do a good job already,not like before his brain dont onow put where,good job juve..
    #forza juve

  25. Mohd Hafiz says

    komen Melayu bersepah siak

  26. Meme Challenge says

    0:30 Ehhhhh😂

  27. Mohd Arshad Faizal says

    Dybaldo again

  28. Aung Than Oo says


  29. muaz gee says

    Ole goal

  30. Encik Sharul says

    Higuain played very well in this game 👍

  31. the good boy says

    Ingin mengenali saya dapatkan di Omi

  32. Ikhwan Honey says

    Maybe cr missed real Madrid

  33. Joe Naka says

    2:12 – notice that he looks unhappy even his teammate score

  34. Xiang yang Lim says

    that Dybala and Ronaldo connection agn, love it

  35. Christiano Garin says

    Ronaldo look pale there

  36. 之后夏天 says

    This year juventus are monster!!!

  37. Sabri Anwar says

    piemonte calcio

  38. Muhammad Syafiq says

    Ronaldo 😢

  39. Vortex Campro says

    Ronaldo didn't celebrated his goal because Bonaventure did it at Madrid. 😂😂

  40. mustafa arif says

    2:55 Ronaldo think higuain offside, that is why he did'nt shoot hardly.

  41. Ayie Bryan says

    Ronaldo is not happy with his performance. it sad to see the goat

  42. Meo Afiz says

    love you ramsey no matter what team you play for..

  43. Ag Mohd says

    Ronaldo score😍

  44. Dybala was so good & they still want to sell him?

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