The STUPID reason why Liverpool lost 5-0 to Aston Villa | Oh My Goal


Liverpool were soundly beaten (5-0) against Aston Villa in the League Cup quarter-finals. While the score is damning, the explanation is completely logical. Liverpool aren’t to blame, the English Federation are the guilty party…


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  1. Fierce Flame says

    I laughed when I read the headline untouchable liverpool…that's correctly placed we are untouchable it's like you try to beat a child's father and failed so you went to the child….😀😀😀

  2. D3AD5HOT ABDI says

    Maybe the english fa supported man city

  3. Patrick Devlin says

    The reason Liverpool lost was because the were playing there under 5's team

  4. Saed YNWA says

    We're champion of the world.🔴🏆👊
    that's why Klopp is a GENIUS.❤🙏

  5. robo top says

    [email protected] hell lads

  6. Helgi Jacobsen says

    no they did not do a great job they got trashed and did awfull

  7. sweet say says

    FA try really hard to stop Liverpool winning trophies I guess

  8. aiman najmi says

    Enjoy the game haters

  9. GActon07 says

    We were also playing our 2nd team

  10. Swan W. says

    Because they're shit.They should've given the place to Arsenal who they almost lost to the previous round.Mockery..

  11. Golddustgh says

    Do u still think is a stupid reason

  12. JamieDodger says


  13. Kiranpal Singh says

    What?? Ahhh😠😠😠

  14. linx 2 20 says

    Nobodys fault but liverpools terrible youth squad

  15. Azlan says

    It wasn't stupid. It was tactical

  16. Dungeon says

    Why don't you guys became manager or something… You guys act as you know everything right

  17. Drew Williams says

    The kids needs to get some experience under the belt give them a chance

  18. Eugene says

    look at man utd average age 21 … and them staying at 5th position. seeing this liverpool side of avg 19 years … i have high hopes for current utd side .. in 4-5 years they'll boss around.. if not together .. individually they will.

  19. Cookie Monster 2.0 says

    We played are under 21s

  20. Ahmed M says

    Oh my Goal You A Liar Man BIG LIAR 🤥

  21. M J Pes player says

    But u23 or not it will be the biggest loss for Liverpool this season.

  22. Îśsāč Middičk says

    They had a CWC game literally the next day in Qatar so the main squad had to head over there on a plane a day or 2 before and they were forced to play youngsters .either way it was a good performance by them

  23. david dex says

    That's no excuse because in the next 8-10 years those young stars would be starting . So will u tell me Liverpool does not have a bright future unlike Chelsea and man u

  24. Schäfer G. says

    Honestly this is kinda embarrassing for the English federation. They made Liverpool choose between a second tier competition and an international recognize tournament.

  25. CxrLy_B0y CxrLy_B0y says

    At that age Ronaldo was already the greatest of all time

  26. Sensei Alé says

    The score was quite deceiving. Liverpool only played poorly like latter part of the second half and the Aston Villa GK was a beast. Both teams have good youngsters and the Aston Villa GK is a stud.

  27. Rögnvaldr _ says

    Hahah look at your future Loserpool..

  28. Psycho Brothers says

    “How did the reds lose 5-0?”

    Simple. We played our u-14s because our first team was at the club World Cup 😂

  29. sixdon Ysg says

    Yow i think klopp should let them play all these games that will pile up and cause some disturbance for his plans to first chice team and ffs this is a great way to let the fans knw that our future is looking certain so yall stop bitching already.

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