The £100m Player Who Could Make Chelsea TITLE CONTENDERS Is… | #SundayVibes



Chelsea have had a good season so far but are they still a big-money signing away from competing with the best teams in the league like Liverpool & City?



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  1. PirateRadioDude says

    Hamill always seemed to be the moderator, Pato the stats guy, Thomlinson likes to keep on going about how Pogba will single-handedly turn United’s fortunes around lol

  2. Hamza Hafiz says

    The last digit of ur like is ur Favourite Chelsea Player

    2.Loftus Cheek

  3. TheSoccerFacts says

    I feel like Chelsea should keep their squad, because everybody likes them right now because they use so many academy players

  4. AHMED SM says

    Grimaldo Benfica LB or Alex Telles Porto LB

  5. Midnight Fun says

    I love Koulibaly but does he fit the timeline for Chelsea? They're realistically 3+ years from challenging for the title and at that point he'd be 31 and on the decline

  6. Anti-globalisten says

    Benitez is perfect for everton

  7. Eoin Casserly says

    Good shout with the potential Koulibaly signing, I know rumours of Chelsea interest has been circulating for years but with the current state of the club it's probably the best chance of getting him they've ever had for less than 80-90mil easily. As far as left backs go, could a big money move for AC Milan's Theo Hernandez also be a decent option if (when) Leicester hold on to Chilwell be a good move?

  8. Virtual Humanoid says

    I'm a Chelsea fan and I don't know if we're legitimately better than Leicester City.

  9. Dontai's Nose Ring says

    This man Pato really said Chelsea was better than Leicester. Remember when he said Griezmann never played LW

  10. Flavz says

    What TF is in these guys drinks they are talking pure sh*t

  11. michael says

    Spoiler alert the only title contenders are Leicester City, Manchester City and Liverpool.

  12. GEN TV says

    These 3 have 0 clues about football let's be honest. If you idiots read the cas report which stated a tremendous amount of fifa exaggeration. But anyway and the ginger guy to even suggest Leicester are a better side than Chelsea Is ridiculous!

  13. William Delaney says

    How can someone who literally watches football for a living say Chelsea play better football than Leicester! Worst thing is he sits there arrogantly thinking his opinion is always right, he should watch a game instead of scrolling through stats

  14. thmslong says

    chelsea are favourites to get timo werner on his €30 million release clause

  15. Luke Brooks says

    I don't even pretend to be incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to football in general, but there's one thing I can tell you without question.

    Chelsea are certainly not 'miles better' than Leicester. You goof.

  16. kimuser says

    mark my words,Manchester united is finishing above chelsea

  17. Ryan Lea-sinclair says


  18. Patrick Campani says

    My wish list for Chelsea is Meret, Koulibaly and Lautaro, but they need a lot of money for these moves😅

  19. Carter Bailey says

    3rd best in the country 😂😂😂😂 they will be lucky to finish 4th. They’ve dropped so many points recently soon to be out of top 4

  20. Abdi M. Omar says

    Don’t bring this twat in the middle again. think lampard is playing for them 😂😂 come off it, chelsea will struggle to make top six.

  21. Liam Ramos says

    Tomori and rudiger as the CB’s and bring in ake , zouma and ake on the bench and sell Christiensen

  22. \ Gremlin // says

    The disrespect that Pato shows to Leicester is starting to get annoying

  23. Liam Devine says

    All the stats show Chelsea are much better than Leicester except;

    Games won (3 more)
    Games lost (1 less)
    Goals for (9 more)
    Goals against (14 less)


  24. jarod pietersen says

    Player at 20:17??

  25. JT TAYLOR says

    Nice vid boys! The problem with signing Sancho in January is that he can’t play in the champions league. He won’t want to. Unless we buy him and then send him on loan until summer. I don’t see why he would want to give up champions league football.

  26. Fabrizio Varone says

    Y'all forgot that Hakim Ziyech from Ajax was linked to Chelsea for a January transfer too.

  27. Abu A'isha says

    I'm a chelsea fan and we are NOT better than Leicester… we need to solve the Kepa situation because Moruniho's Spur is coming fast

  28. Justin Jennings says

    If I were Ibramovich I'd sign Koulibaly and a budget striker.

  29. The Wisest Salad says

    "Chelsea better than Leicester" in the first minute of the video? I want whatever he's having.

  30. Jack Loveridge says

    “He’s a fair way off top six” just after you said Bournemouth would be league one with out him, and talking about defence it is Bournemouth I wanted him at Chelsea if frank wasn’t coming in

  31. Jack Loveridge says

    As a Chelsea fan, I don’t want to see anyone come in, in January unless it’s chilwell, then go for Sancho and chilwell in the summer, zaha maybe in January but the role I’d like him to play as a rotating player as in behind or even out wide but he’d come in for to much as a rotation

  32. Andrew Woods says

    I am a chelsea fan but idk what the man in the middle is on about. Chelsea have a few positions that can definitely be improved. CB, LB, RW, backup ST. Cmahhhhn sign some players CFC

  33. DatGuyKeenan says

    James tomori rudiger Chilwell
    Kante kova
    Sancho mount CHO
    Kepa Zouma Clarke-Slater, RLC Van Ginkel, Gallagher, Pulisic, (sub striker)

  34. Maniacal Matti says

    #quickfirequestions with it Tottenham rumoured to is about to approach for him, do you think Fernabaches Muriqi would be a good fit for the men in lily white?

  35. Nate Cruz says

    Even with signings they will not transform to title contenders. The title belongs to Liverpool. Accept reality.

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