Takumi Minamino’s brilliant Anfield performance | All-action Champions League display


Take a closer look at the impressive performances of Takumi Minamino against Liverpool in this season’s Champions League.

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  1. shahrul slipnot says

    Liverpol win vs flAmingo

  2. 名古屋太郎 says

    I am Japanese.Because of this news Liverpool got MINAMINO,I become Liverpool FAN!!!

  3. Xenemous says

    We have Minamino. We have Firmino. And also Fabinho. Now if only we had Coutinho…

  4. Horse Sense says

    I love sushi.

  5. yut ta says

    Cant still believe the reds got him for 7.5, his an absolute steal for sure

  6. Raymond Sawyer says

    Can't wait too see him walk on in a red shirt

  7. rey tanaka says

    klopps face tho,
    we struck gold boys

  8. DJV Prox says

    Dang one goal made that big of a difference I know I know he did more but still just so he can get noticed by Liverpool

  9. 깡통 says

    im from Korea, i hope minamino's successful career in liverpool. and welcome to THE BIGGEST CLUB IN THE WORLD🌟🌟

  10. Zaahir Azhar says

    If you can beat them, buy them.

  11. Anfield. Times says

    Beautifully edited with kloops reactions lmao

  12. Ted Rop says

    Player: performs well against Liverpool in the CL.
    LIV: I see this as an absolute win. 😂

  13. Thomas N says

    Bye bye Lallana….FINALLY

  14. 최현우 says

    You must know that rise sun same the Hakenkruez

  15. 태국찐따 says

    hwang is better.

  16. Jim Red says

    chamberlain was injured, maybe this is the perfect time for him to rise

  17. 가성비왕 says

    The Liverpool soccer team used Japanese war criminals, such as the Nazi Cross.
    No matter how much you think about it, the Liverpool football team seems to like World War II.

  18. AYMANE BAKEY says

    Our fab 4 is back Salah mane Firmino minamino

  19. たくぞう says

    Korean jealousy Japan

  20. Siapakah Saya? says

    Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome MINAMANEMINO 🤣

  21. 임봉팔 says

    Germany[Hakenkreuz] = Japanese [Rising Sun Flag] 

    The rising sun flag is used by war criminals like Germany in Europe. Liverpool should apologize on the homepage

  22. Davut Akıcı says

    Futbol bu adamın takımı perişan olmuş adamın gözü minamino da bizede futbolcudan anlayan adamlar lazım

  23. 樋田淳也 says


  24. R,zki chanel says


  25. 송민석 says

    안녕 본론부터 말할게 너네 욱일기 쓴거말야 제대로 사과부터 하지? 그 사과문도한국 ip에서만 보이게하고 조롱 하는듯이썼네? 케이타 문신사건은 실수라고쳐 하지만 두번째는 고의야 너넨 평생 중위권 아니 강등이 어울려 리강딱 리버풀은 강등이 딱! 전범풀 평생 너네 응원안해 챔피언스리그 16강딱 으로 탈락 리그 레스터시티 아니면 맨채스터 시티가 우승!! 그럼안녕

    Hey, let me get to the point. You guys wrote a diary, right? The apology was only seen on the Korean ip and mocked. The Kita tattoo is a mistake, but the second one is deliberate, you guys are in the middle of your life, or you're in the middle of your life, and Liverpool are in the right place. Leicester City or Manchaster City won the Champions League with 16 strong points. Bye for now

  26. He's a defender and a midfielder in the same time

  27. PoomTheGamePlayer says

    Now there will be videos spreading on youtube saying "The match that made Liverpool buy Minamino."

  28. Made Bambang says

    Minamino like modric….

  29. たくぞう says

    anti Japan
    anti China
    anti CR7
    anti PSV
    anti LFC←New

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