HIRED! Will Arsenal board back Mikel Arteta during rebuild? | Premier League


ESPN FC’s Craig Burley, Shaka Hislop, Gab Marcotti and Frank Leboeuf react to reports of Arsenal reaching an agreement with Manchester City assistant coach Mikel Arteta to be the club’s next manager. Leboeuf says he is surprised Pep Guardiola let Arteta go to a rival club in the middle of the season and thinks it’s a “nice signing” for the Gunners. Burley believes this is an “exciting approach” for Arsenal by hiring an unknown commodity while Hislop expresses concerns over the club’s board and whether they will back the new manager during a rebuilding phase.


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  1. Michael Farojoye says

    Arteta doa! doesn't have what it takes to manage a club the size of Arsenal.

    The board dont love the club and have no good plans with kroenke as owner.

  2. British Lions says

    Must be given time to remove deadwood players and implement his style. 10year plan at least.

  3. زول اريف says

    They will not

  4. Lost Novel says

    Angry bird is back

  5. stephen mullings says

    Bargain manager singing arsenal board running the club like a business money first football after

  6. kyle coleman says

    I'm a Liverpool supporter but Arsenal were better off with Wenger. Since his departure they haven't been the same. Got sacked for not qualifying champions League don't make him a bad manager. He knew how to run Arsenal. Maybe if they supported him financially for players arsenal under Wenger could be better. Just saying

  7. kyle coleman says

    Who's next after Arteta☺ Bacary Sagna or Kolo Toure. Stupid move just cos he worked under pep don't mean his the next pep. Should of went for a more experienced manager. The players at arsenal aren't really young like before the guys they have are at the full potential. Maybe give Lacazette more time more goals who knows. All the best for the next few months tho.

    Arteta couldn't rebuild a puzzle.😂

  8. SEA DOGS says

    Arsenal Fake Fan TV

    Kroenke out

  9. StrykesV3 StrykesV3 says

    Arteta is gonna go to the board ask for a new full back and they're gonna hand him Ashley Young lol

  10. Kingsley Ugo says

    Good Ebening 😂😂😂😂
    4weeks later Arteta Out

  11. Barbes B. Dawodu says

    If Arteta can bring the same mentality he brought to Arsenal as a player in his current capacity I foresee him proving his critic wrong.

  12. Abh Ghu says

    How can u choose Arteta when ancelloti is available is beyond me ..seriously !

  13. ommie马瑞 says

    I m not excited
    I m not expecting anything
    I m not happy n not sad
    I am just there 😒😒😒😒😒

  14. SBandy says

    I give him a month.

  15. Chad Buckle says


  16. Ammanuel says


  17. PRASAD NAIR says

    Mourinho, The Special One
    Klopp, The Normal One
    Solksjaer, The Chosen One
    Arteta, The Cheap One

  18. jm12 says

    My god if any possibility how could arsenal snub a Patrick Viera for a Arteta!

  19. Frank Sixx says

    Arsenal getting worse everyday

  20. Raphael Walker says

    Arsenal fighting for relegation and happy for arteta to take over ….yay

  21. KWABENA TMI says

    This goes two ways Marco Silva ting he gets Arsenal into a relegation battle or he suprises alot of people. I can't say where this will go but if i'm going by gut feeling and the universe I think it's gonna go wrong tbh.

  22. Rabin Anaman says

    If the board don’t back him we will get relegated

  23. thian huat tan says

    His first job is to sack the board first.

  24. Ina Adam Turab says

    He is not Guardiola Arsenal think he learned from him
    But I tell you if you are KHABIBs friend you are not KHABIB

  25. Aidan Brennan says

    The fans will have turned on him by the end of the season. They have no patience and expect success straight away which is impossible.

  26. Joncie Elmore says

    I wish the Arsenal fan base would grow up and for once be pragmatic. Would Arteta put his reputation on the line if he didn't know he could make a positive difference?

  27. Thatguyinthathat. s says

    Ancelloti to Everton, Mikel Arteta to Arsenal… wow… times we are living in.

  28. David Lin says

    This would be odd but we need Unai Emery he has been clearing all the dead woods in the club atleast 2 full seasons needs to be charge. He has been the scapegoat for Arsenal to stepping stone.

  29. yared mera says

    Aresenal will go to down to the bottom do you believe Arteta is better than Arsen winger it’s a complete episode joke from arsenal board

  30. allan paskwababiri says

    Wow “an exciting appointment 😳” pundits change opinions like underwear, 😂😂

  31. Nuclear Atoms says

    I think Pep is gutted after Arteta agreed to manage Arsenal, go see his press conference before the league cup I think he didn't want that many questions about Arteta!!!

  32. SuperMillwall1885 says

    "It's exciting because he's unknown, clearly he's not going to turn this ship around straight away" HANG ON A FUCKING MINUTE. Aren't you one of the guys jumping down Solskjaer's throat at every opportunity? He's in the SAME situation that Arteta is in! What a hypocrite. Solskjaer has only been there a year, he needs TIME to actually get HIS players in and for them to learn HIS philosophy. Sick and tired of all these talk shows constantly calling for managers to be sacked. GIVE THEM TIME. It took Klopp 4-5 YEARS to get Liverpool to where they are right now.

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