Fiorentina 0-0 Juventus | Sarri Watches on as Champions Drop First Points | Serie A


Serie A champions Juventus dropped points for the first time this season in a goalless draw with Fiorentina at the Franchi | Serie A

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  1. Soso Soso says

    ظ ةات4خع

  2. coll calm says

    Haaa now Fiorentina has Ribery…he makes a difference

  3. Daniel Banos says
  4. FRAN says

    min 1:41 le quita la gorra de un balonazo…😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 like si te gusto ..

  5. Сарри скоро убьёт ювентуса

  6. Jangan Lihat Chanal says

    watch also the struggle of Madrid to defeat Juventus to win the UCL 2018 final ticket

  7. Matuidi and Khedira over Rabiot and Ramsey? Berna and Bentacur over Dybala? Juventus' midfield is absolutely uncreative and boring. Makes the forwards job very difficult when they have no service. Sarri needs to figure things out fast or Atletico wil have their way on Wednesday. Matuidi and Khedira should never be their regular starters

  8. Nit3ks says

    Szczęsny is the best player!

  9. yassen Ahmed says

    Why dybala not play why why why dybala is 👌👌💪

  10. Apolo says

    With Sarri it seems like all of our hope of winning the Champions League will go down

  11. Hitch Hiker says

    Это вылет из ЛЧ однозначный , наверное даже из группы ! Это пиздец так играть Юве

  12. Yusuf Kocaoglu says

    Cirstiano Ronaldo beste sipele und beste Menschen

  13. Aan Akrom says

    sarry: "ini cara saya mengalahkan dominasi juventus, daripada pusing2 ngelola napoli yang ujung2nya kalah terus sama juve. mending jadi pelatihnya dan merusak tatanan dominasinya. ha ha ha..

  14. David Burgos says

    Where Cr7???

  15. Luca Day says

    1:41, look carefully at where the shot goes…

  16. Kevin M says
  17. ekowd says

    No Ronaldo no Win 😁

  18. Garfian Gantara says

    Sarri 😕😕

  19. Tammy Edafe says

    This was just unfair on Florentina cux they deserved the winning, Juve deserved no point here… Thanks to their No. 1

  20. Karebet 5758 says

    Sory2 to say sari

  21. G E X says

    Che schifo di Juventus

  22. Sound Therapy says

    Danilo. De Light. Bonucci. Alex Sandro.
    Ramsey. Rabiot. Pianic
    Cristiano Ronaldo. Higuaín. Dybala.
    Its Easy

  23. 2ndEndingVintage says

    Well, well. Did anyone see this coming ? Juventus lucky to get a point out of this, actually. Maybe they aren't all THAT, after all….

  24. Awwam Munashat says

    No allegri no party

  25. Peter Lee says

    De Ligt played this game better than the last game

  26. Jordan Canella says

    1:41 HEADSHOT

  27. David Knight says

    Juventua juega muy mal. Sarri no sabe dirigir, allegri era mejor. Cr7 deberia volver al real madrid

  28. Sarri as Juventus manager 😂

  29. cool, subscribe 🙂

  30. jaime aguilar says

    No sé qué le pasa a la juve tiene un elenco y no reaccionan

  31. cool name says

    Where is ronaldo??

  32. fadipe bolanle says

    Worst match I've seen juve play

  33. Muhammad Chalili says

    great squad with dull typical coach.

  34. Rakesh Menon says

    why are the lights on during day?

  35. O'Brian Mcknight says

    I see little or no creativity in that Juventus starting eleven unless he, dybala and or bernadeshi are playing. Kedira needs to be dropped and play rabiot along with Ramsay. The striker's are lacking goals because of no creativity from midfield.

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