1. Sabil Ababa says

    Kepa arizzabalaga is okey



  3. Epla na Sandro says

    Where did the Korean boys go last season?

  4. Cesur Oyuncu says

    Hi you nasılsın bir şeyler oluyor ki ben sana bir daha asla eskisi gibi olmaz mı hiç kimse yok lan bu ne biçim bir şeyler oluyor ve bu yüzden çok gülerim😂😂🤣🤣🤣🙃🤣

  5. Катя Посад says


  6. Ugaska Abdirahmanka says

    Fantastic goal for padro

  7. FLOWPRO AM-MIC says

    Chelsea was not THIS better you all say…..real had problems too!!

  8. Tr Jtw says

    Warga +62 ada???

  9. patrick kilonzo says

    we got the best goal keeper in England

  10. EddyFrmEddy says

    Pulisic should of taken that pen, would of had hatrick. would of boosted his confidence. Lampard should of stepped in, i also know Barkley needs confidence also but Pulisic just come in

  11. Akif_S.Rahman 1298 says

    Wonderful 👍🏼

  12. OpenTheB0x says

    Lamps presence is beginning to show heavily on Barkley. Still remember that interview when Barkley stated it would be an honor to accomplish even half of what Lampard did for Chelsea. This will be Barkley’s season no doubt

  13. Pat Isi says

    Wie soll Salzburg a Chance ham

  14. Ahmed Muawin says

    Hooray Chelsea won this match

  15. Agazuma Chester says

    Pedro goal is a goal to remember

  16. shacabka fareed says

    Hazard who pulisic

  17. Wahab Mkazi says

    Lampard should now create another new wall. Luiz is our legend but he can now remain at the bench. Better using Zouma and Rudiger or Rudiger and Chrissten.

  18. Romeo Rk says


  19. Couture Criminal says

    Hee Chan Kwang is a baller so underrated.

  20. Arbon says

    I have to say, I was skeptical when I first heard about Frank managing Chelsea, thinking it was too soon. But so far he's proving himself to be potentially just what Chelsea needed. Beautiful attacking work, need to work on their defending before the season starts though!

  21. AJ Footy says

    barkley and pulisic were incredible

  22. Asep Nurrohim says

    Barkley = Lampard

  23. Cod Bulsho Media says

    Chelsea Chelsea chelsea,😍

  24. Amirhosein Jafari says

    Chelsea you are my love whether with Hazard or without 😘😘😘

  25. DN Tino says

    Pedro what a finish!!! Pure class from Chelsea 💙 Pulisic looking fantastic better than Hazard! 2 goals for him, Barkley looking good Michy looking great too! Just the defending needs to improve! Let's go CHELSEA 💙💙💙

  26. DN Tino says

    Pulisic is amazing!!!

  27. Juergen Maindoka says

    Who needs Hazard when we have Pulisic.. 🔥🔥🔥

  28. kennedy Ndlovu says

    Pulisic amazing

  29. Mati Higu says

    frank lampard is big man

  30. dashan Shapriter says

    I love you blues

  31. Brayo Mucheru says

    Good game but replace luiz with Christensen to solve defence problems also recce James will help in right back…

  32. rumcajs krasnal says

    chelsea is the best

  33. Euan Thomas says

    Super super Frank

  34. Ken Kinyua says

    Pulisic we have faith in you good job

  35. rahab murugi says

    We need Kante to protect the defense otherwise with big teams you cant concede more than
    one goal and expect it to be easy

  36. Ilhan Jama says

    Chelsea looks strong

  37. Saurabh More says

    Pulisic chenge the game reslut

  38. Rideep Choudhury says

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  39. Tom says

    Nice scorpian kick. I don't know if it's quite as good as the Mkhitaryan one but it's still probably the best goal I've seen in 2019.

  40. Thetrue viper says

    next season will be most competitive football ever seen

  41. ISI USI says


  42. Becareful Im here says

    Best deffend bus !!!! Nice lampardd

  43. Filadelfia Band says

    Pulisic!!!!!!!!! My favorite player in England

  44. Hasbi Ashidiqi says

    Chelsea di bawa asuhan Lampard Keren juga ye… Mantul bro 😱😍😍

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