Chelsea vs Liverpool: Alexander-Arnold scores a screamer & Firmino nets again | HIGHLIGHTS


Watch all the action from Stamford Bridge where Trent Alexander-Arnold and Roberto Firmino got on the scoresheet to help the Reds overcome the Blues, despite a late N’Golo Kanté strike.

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  1. Luka Hrup says

    still Leicester will win

  2. hercjulio says

    Nice Goals by Firmino and Alexander Arnold ⚽⚽💓💓

  3. hercjulio says

    Bobby Firmino world class 💓💓💓

  4. Murphy moe says

    If it had to depend on luck you will be far clear winners

  5. hercjulio says

    Amazing goal by Bobby Firmino ⚽

  6. hercjulio says

    Bobby Firmino, Mane and salah the best trio in the world 💓⚽😍

  7. hercjulio says

    Bobby Firmino is a genius player ⚽💓😍

  8. chelsea says

    hi guys~

  9. hercjulio says

    We love you Firmino 💓

  10. hercjulio says

    Nice goal by Bobby Firmino ⚽⚽

  11. Akool English says

    Kante can be a second Messi

  12. Magnus Carlsen says


  13. MAX MCcarthy says

    What was that Arnold celebration and what does it mean ?

  14. Hamza khan says

    N'golo kante you beauty

  15. Rico says

    Liverpool got a keeper better than Kepa for free

  16. Gaming Azooz Btw says

    wow trent

  17. Genius Homwe says

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  18. Tamanna Chowdhury.mmkkl says

    What a goal 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  19. saleal says

    I don't like Liverpool , no chemic between us , I still remember the era (which I mostly hate ) of kennedy , Dalglish , Rush og Souness ufffffffff

  20. Nirbaan Bilkufs says

    I really enjoy watching basketball. 😀

  21. Seena Karandikar says

    What an intense match🏁🏁🏁

  22. Naqib Syahmi says

    ❤️ for liverpool

  23. Taza Taziri says

    Adrian looks dependables. But can't wait Allison to fully fit

  24. Gamers indonesia HD says

    nice dood


    Good victory and valuable 3 points :+))))

  26. Alfonso Dumas says

    The var just helping Liverpool to win

  27. Karma Palden says

    Chelsea will revenge u bachs

  28. mailetsi belly maila says

    Can’t wait for Allison to come back …
    Our defense needs someone to organize

  29. GA TbkCuy says


  30. Empire of Ahmad says

    دوري ليفربول

  31. Sanele Kunene says

    useless van dijk , he doesn't face real thread

  32. Ardiansyah Abdi says

    this is LIVERPOOLS ERA

  33. joe lim ku says

    tai kucing.. mulut bosok

  34. Chelsea says

    Lucky win Chelsea deserved it

  35. electro games says

    Reds is better
    Blue is nothing….

  36. Ricky Goh says

    Abraham said: We will take our anger out on Liverpool……..ha ha ha ha!! be humble boy. use your legs do the talking and not yr big mouth. Kante scored a beautiful goal and was humble

  37. The Dark Sun says

    Sack Klopp!!

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