Camila Cabello – Real Friends (Official Audio)


“Real Friends”

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  1. Victoria Jack says

    My friends are busy with friends a ha 🤚😗

  2. Kim Rocío says

    8,5ooo fake friends don't like this

  3. the ERICK17 GAMER says

    Hola amor

  4. C.E ok says

    💔Why do I have fake friends to face from 💔?
    I JUST wanted to be nice.
    I JUST wanted to not negative even though I have the other of side in internet and everyone in my school was talking about it and I always gets easily brokenness like a car smashed in down
    And broke glass mirror who is the hidden from the smashed car and a grinned smile and I freak and run likely walk away in any place from the neighborhood to hate on me sadly and I ran .#walkaway. I know that I saw something nonsense and I saw my ex out of no where and in my front in my life in reverse and the district and the school wants to watch me so creepily and the police was talking about me in my behavior. – C.E 🤗👍🙏❤❤

  5. João Lucax says

    Camila brasileira ❤🇧🇷🇧🇷

  6. HappyBhavi Blogs says

    The pain in her songs of the first album and now the positive energy I feel from her new album romance. I meaaaannnn. Gurllll. Glow up check !

  7. Jaya Budhu says

    I love this song because i realised that the person i trusted most is a fake friend.

  8. Izz Chavez says

    I can relate to this so much but then I met my real friends comment if that has happen to you

  9. Kinha - Chan says

    1. New Friends
    2. Real Friends
    3. F.F.Friends

    This is the list of fake friend's stages in music

  10. Vy Nguyễn says

    hay vãi


    fifth harmony has left the chat

  12. Naty Galaxy says

    Like my story of my fakes friends

  13. Richard Quise Gonzales says

    I love you CC 😶♥️

  14. GamerGreninjaGirl says

    this song explains my life

  15. violet rosie says

    This song has always been so emotional for me I have always been quiet and that caused me to not have much friends. And the friends I did make don't feel real. One of my friends just got mad at me for no reason… I never did anything😭 I want a actual friend. P.S who needs friends when you got family guys if you have no friends or no real friends it will be ok.

  16. Yolanda Diaz says

    I love camila

  17. Pokémon fan says


    🍔 Hamburger has no end💁

  18. marlon blackwood says

    great song….

  19. ITai- Chan says

    I just found out today that all my friends are not real… but at least there's 1 person who's always next to me
    Sorry for the bad English!!!

  20. Harshine the arianator says

    Relatable songgg

  21. bryiana salez says

    hino injustiçado

  22. María Chávez says

    I need help, please, I'm alone.

  23. ThePredator says


  24. H D says

    Kanye sounds different

  25. xXMoonlight WolfXx says

    let's see
    I've lost 6 friends who were fake
    one of my friends past away
    two of my friends moved
    and I have like 15 friends who just don't talk to me anymore but they were good friends before

  26. Alejandro Pérez Miranda says

    Good song

  27. YH C says

    camila is my real friend

  28. nana kook min lover says

    Having much friend is just a cowshi*

  29. Dewika Sadhoe says

    I just gonna relieve myself but I can’t stop thinking about him, we’re so close best friends like chilling every weekend, having the fun of life. We’re like family our friendship was so strong but he changed now we be come like strangers. The memories i have on my snapchat, insta and in my gallery make me just reminded to him. By this song my pillow gets wet alot 😞…

    I just miss him so much and he don’t even know or care 😭😭😭

  30. RafaelWong says

    Maybe we all wrong? If no one want to be real friend, then when will the real friendship?

  31. DIORES MORENO says

    literally just listening to this cuz my friends are now ignoring me for pranking one of our friend's and since she was all mad at me for putting lipstick on her face including my best friend for 8 years is also ignoring me

  32. *DOOF IS MY KING* says

    the sad thing is i relate 🙁

  33. H¡rø ._. says



    I have friends, but not real ones,
    All they ever do is let me down
    Running back and turning back
    Sides,drama,fights, aloneness
    Why does it happen?
    Where are you?
    Real friend.
    Fake friend.

    B F F

    You know what that stands for?

    Bitchy Fake friend

    You can never have a true friend

    So you be that true friend

  34. I dont like you says

    This song makes me wanna fall out with my imaginary friends…

  35. francis musyoki says

    Love this song …her voice is so sweet..Camila

  36. Damla Şahin says


  37. Christian Gonzalez says

    Gaaang gaaang

  38. Demi's world says

    i love this song

  39. When your always last choice…… but can never stand up for yourself

  40. _——- says

    Who came here after romance?

  41. Esuigen AR says

    This just speaks "Fifth" harmony all over it

  42. Skeleton Gacha Games says

    when my whole friend group hangs out with each other and not me… 😢

  43. Twins JaM says

    Camila Cabello is my fav singer Camila, you inspired me to become a better singer I ❤️ U ☺️ Thx! You are just so beautiful no matter what happens you'll always be a good person with a good personality I bet every boy who sees you fall in love just like I fall inlove with your music like if you love Camila and wish her so much luck with her music! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  44. Tanya boonie says

    all they ever do is let me down:(

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