Brescia 1-2 Juventus | Pjanić hits winner as Serie A champions win to go top! | Serie A


Despite a strong start from Brescia, an own goal by Chancellor gave Juventus the edge, followed by Pjanic’s goal which sealed the win for the team.

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  1. Gi Beauf says

    but super

  2. Semir Trubljanin says

    Pjanic need a upgrade on Fifa , i mean what a beast

  3. Nova Juventude FC says

    Não quis vir pro Flamengo pra passar vergonha com esse timinho

  4. Andy De Leon says

    Juve winning champion league don't wanna hear it

  5. muhammad fairuz says

    where is christiano ronaldo 7

  6. Roj Jabrael says

    Did anyone noticed that jack Chirac, the former French president has died just about a week after Ramsey's stunner against Hellas Verona?

  7. Khayam Gondal says

    Where is penaldo?

  8. AA A says


  9. AA A says


  10. Dalce Darry says

    Higuain😂always without skill after all those year.

  11. Jiren sama says

    Why is ronaldo not playing

  12. Jiren sama says

    Higuain is like the benzema of juventus

  13. Josfur Gaming says

    ronaldo would have scored easily those chances that higuain missed…. FACT!

  14. Ronaldo ElfnulQuatro says

    Higuain career is dead.

  15. Moh Aditya says

    Rabiot in starting eleven

  16. Bishnu Malla says

    Glad to see rabiot 8n starting 11

  17. Meho Hadzic says

    Who's the commentator? He's brilliant.

  18. Enoc Benitez says

    Higuain mode argentina team

  19. JR 12 says

    The Brescia GK was great

  20. Nehminlun Kipgen says

    Manzukic, Dybala and Ronaldo is better. They should play.

  21. carlos briceño says


  22. Akshay Kumar says

    Higuin is nonsense

  23. Biney Diawuo Moses says

    Juventus won 7 consecutive serie A titles without Cristiano Ronaldo so it means Juventus doesn't need Cristiano Ronaldo to win serie A

  24. ABG NAUGHTY says

    If ronaldo as a finisher juan cuadrado cross maybe goal

  25. Saidshoh Nazarov says

    Pyanic 👍👍👍

  26. ariel souto says

    brescia sera la sorpresa del calcio

  27. bruss says

    Miralem Pjanić 💪

  28. twerking world hot videos says

    Why is sarri playing Huigain

  29. Ajmalism Sami says

    Oh my juve ee

  30. YTBP Patrix1 says

    Is not ORIGINAL

  31. Ang C says

    INTER NUMERO 1 NOW =) with Lukaku and Sanchez..

  32. Ang C says

    INTER NUMERO 1 NOW =) with Lukaku and Sanchez..

  33. zoro vlog says

    i love ramsey

  34. Tanaad Tv says

    This kind of player should be the standard of team quality.;;;;;;;;;'''''''''''…………. hit like

  35. slangnocturno says

    Balo is back!!!

  36. INFSL says

    Juventus needs to play more attacking football. Very few players want to make attacking palys and others are very comfortable passing the ball back to defenders. I think this puts lot more pressure in defenders. Specially CB players.

  37. Amrit Srivastava says

    Loura … Wh is CR7

  38. I came here for Mario Balotelli not Juve!!!!😂🤣💪🏿

  39. unggul raharjo says

    Higuani out,,,mainya dr kemaren jelek bgt,,kurang tenang,egois jg

  40. youssman20 says

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    عـــــاجل إذا كـــنـــت دائما تعاني من ضعـف جنسي و تود معالجة هذا مشـــكل في أقرب الوقـت إليك الحل العجيب يزيد في صلابة القضيــب ..لــك هدا الكريــم الفعـــال لمدة عشر أيام ستلاحظ تغير سأتـرك لكم وتاب خـــــاص ب طبيــب

  41. PLINKY says

    Juventus doesn’t have Cristiano Ronaldo because he’s at Piemonte Calcio

  42. Игуаин – аргентинская проститутка

  43. BRAM Aburizal says

    LOL Szceschny!

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