1. professor loveforme says

    R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Arsenal have signed Aretha ……oopps typo It is Arteta sorry I will get my coat and leave .

  2. GTAREDSTAR Gaming says

    Arsenal fans won’t be patient with him they’ll big him up this weekend and it’ll be arteta out by Boxing Day

  3. Lee Illman says

    Big game of the weekend is Liverpool v flamengo

  4. rue de bac says

    It depends if arsenal back arteta

  5. SS_9 says

    You know a lot about arsenal, I’m proud

  6. Terry Smudge says

    How annoying is this bugger… Unfortunately Spurs have always tried to be bigger than Arsenal, evident if you look what they did with their new stadium capacity, 62,000 capacity compared to Emirates 60,200 about as childish as it gets. But are they a big club? NO, nor are Chelsea either, basically a 2nd Div club that came into some money… Arsenal were dominant in 30s where their status was sealed IMHO… To be a big club you need history, and repeated success over a long period of time, only a few clubs can claim that

  7. ierbutza21 says

    Well this could end his career that hasn't even started, surprised he wanted this without even trying to get the much needed experience with a lower level team, also I find it funny pep with all the knowledge and experience even let him go into this situation considering it could end him right at the start.

  8. Tee_R The Chef says

    Arteta won't be on the touchline on Saturday mate! And Ancellotti has no chance, hasn't even been appointed yet

  9. X G says

    fan base, annual top 4 and CL football..yes, we play on Tuesdays and Wednesday..Arsenal and man U are no longer even close to being top 4..

  10. X G says

    Spurs will thrash them…The days of Frank and Ole and Arteta are already done…

  11. Zaki #mia san mia says

    pond land pep omg lol

  12. John up gaming says

    Arsenal is a big club 😂, bruh please

  13. Avaflakiez says

    not manager head coach

  14. Unknown Unknown says

    Arteta is going to lose is job the end of the season Ian right would be better as a manager than arteta

  15. pratapn70 says

    Without huge funding if Arteta can turn around Arsenal he mite actually be a better pick than Pep himself
    Pep would need close to 1bn to turn Arsenal around lol

  16. Liverpool fc more salah says

    He is no jurgen klopp is he .

  17. WINTERS-_-WRATH says

    arteta wont take over as manager to sunday

  18. s l says

    He should be able to correct some of the problems of Arsenal in the short term and will perform well later.

  19. John Dev says

    Kranky could sell the team and when it still fails I'd like to know who the fans would blame the players have no heart idk how to fix that teams like wolves and leicester grind, players aren't better than ours

  20. Donal Power says

    Spurs won the league Cup in 2008

  21. Fjejejjrb Skjwjw says

    500 million to get top 4? Are you mad arsenal need tops 150-200 spent smart

  22. Rhye says

    Hope? Belief? As an Arsenal fan I am disgusted. Get rid.

  23. Rav D says

    I hate United as an LFC fan, but Goldbridge is a great watch (still hope you get relegated lol).

  24. Jake Chapo Guzman says

    mark im making a play dough statue of you ill send it in the mail.

  25. Rrezon Beqiri says

    Stop yelling damn

  26. Rajan Bains says

    You only need 400-500 million to get into a top four race if you’re an idiot. You could quite easily strengthen a team with half the money and drastically improve. You don’t need to spend 100M+ on player like sancho. There’s other player who are much cheaper who can offer similar services like Ziyech. My point is I don’t think a manager needs a trillion dollars to make a competitive squad. Leicester are a great example but also teams like Borussia Monchengladback.

  27. Daniel Bonner says


  28. M Yazdani says

    White hart lane trophy Cabinet is Empty lmaaooo.

  29. Rory Gallagher says

    AFTV is gonna be great for the rest of the season with this clown as manager

  30. jerkan aldershot says

    How much goals did you guys give up to DT in Blood Brothers ?

  31. 83 Smith says

    People forget that FA Cup used to be huge, as big as winning the league title and Spurs held record for most FA Cup wins for a long time.  Spurs had bigger crowds than Man Utd in early 1960s

  32. Nathan Dawgs says

    I m an arsenal fan and we don't want artera at all we wanted anchelotti simple!!! And I ain't backing arteta!!

  33. Younger says

    We don't have the squad, Arteta will struggle and I can't see him changing a lot but who knows, it is Xmas so there may be a miracle out there waiting for us!

  34. Michael Smith says

    Arteta will finish Arsenal in the top 4 trust me

  35. captain klun says

    Pound land pep🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣good shout goldbridge

  36. Stephen McDowell says

    you are a clown

  37. Leggy Bless says

    Nono can't believe this is happening i swear

  38. thomas obuya says

    Arsenal need 500million?
    Football thicko

  39. Rembert Janssens says

    How stupid can you be to sign as arsenal manager, the most toxic club in the world, the fans already calling for him to be sacked, Aubaumeyang his brother already saying on social media the players don't want him as manager you have to be stupid to take the job

  40. Sir Alex Ferguson says

    Arsenal need 8 players 😂😂😂

  41. Ibrahim Osman says

    I’m sure arteta will win and he is like pep no different

  42. dipssingh says

    Gone from one team that can't defend to another hope for arsenal he done more than just put the cones out

  43. snake eyes says

    Wrong choice

  44. Muhammad abdi says

    Arsenal hiring and returning to possession football.

  45. Jon Eastfield says

    I wouldn't say we are a small club, but we aren't the biggest London club, though to be fair, we are the one with the best infrastructure

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