⚽ Barça 0 – 0 Real Madrid | BARÇA LIVE: Warm Up & Match Center #ElClásico


Follow the live warm up and pre game build up of Barça – Real Madrid followed by an English play by play commentary, live talk and entertainment. #ForçaBarça🔵🔴

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  1. FC Barcelona says


    1:55: The Warm Up begins at the Camp Nou with Georgina Léger 📺
    8:30: Uri Rosell joins us pitch-side
    22:21: The Real Madrid plays arrive on the pitch (🔊)
    36:35: Georgina speaks with the fans inside the stadium
    49:07: Match Center begins with Sarah Salahpour, Robert Van Eeckhout, Mae Rostro and Sam May
    59:49: El Clásico kicks-off! ⚽⚽⚽
    1:45:53: Half-time analysis
    2:53:37: Full-Time analysis
    3:01:51: Ivan Rakitic's post-match reactions 🗣
    3:08:44: Uri Rosell sums up the game from outside the Camp Nou
    3:16:24: Georgina joins us from the Mixed Zone after the game
    3:19:08: Ernesto Valverde's post-match reactions 🗣

  2. Asteroid 2029 says

    Barcelona win

  3. Sanjit Sai says

    How on earth messi missed that open goal

  4. فؤاد هجري says

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  6. JIRC oficial says


  7. amaçsiz oyuncuYT says

    fc barcelona yeah!!!

  8. Sadigovs Channel says


  9. Hiếu Nguyễn says

    Việt Nam

  10. kaleb g/mechale says

    Velverde out

  11. alfan wicaksono says

    The power of refree

  12. Zamzam Haikal says

    Valverde Out

  13. Zamzam Haikal says

    Valverde Out

  14. aku dewa says

    kalau suka cari receh tukar pulsa anda dengan JP QQhokibola
    lebih besaarrrr

  15. Nephie Ngoy says

    Valverde please out

  16. Adrian Menendez Fernandez says


  17. MR D says

    Bring back neymar msn💪

  18. Beto Romero says

    Bartomeu, por favor ya vete del Barcelona, si diste algunas alegrías e hiciste un buen trabajo, pero lo que le esta pasando a este Barça es algo que no podemos tolerar, Bartomeu dimite ya

  19. adil jok says

    Valverde out

  20. solomonic citizen says

    Out please

  21. 김현석 says

    Valverde out Please! he is the worst coach I've seen in my whole life.

  22. lii bow wow eyes says

    good game nou came brcelona👍👍👍

  23. Uriel Hernandez says


  24. Uriel Hernandez says


  25. Uriel Hernandez says

    Valverde Out

  26. Wishesh Shrestha says

    DFW HIMALAYAS FC 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  27. Никита Шергин says


  28. 1zuku m1dorya says

    Barcelona tactics defend themselves and take draw .
    It's not barcelona (Valverde out!!!) and also this is a game in CAMP NOU.

  29. Le sage Pas du tout sage says


  30. thon zel says

    Bartomeu Out 🤬

  31. thon zel says

    Suárez out 🤬

  32. thon zel says

    Valverde Out 🤬!

  33. BulletValentine says

    Valverde out this is fucking idiot , This man destroying this club.

  34. Vlworld says

    ¡Vergüenza y fracaso del entrenador Valverde!

  35. Vəfa Quluzadə says


  36. Erol Bozkurt says

    Valverde out

  37. Nas ir says

    Vaverde out
    Vaverde out
    Vaverde out
    Vaverde out
    Vaverde out
    Vaverde out

  38. Потный Стример says

    Valverde out!!! Please!!!!
    Bortomeu out!!!!!
    Suares out!!!!

  39. no body says

    I can clearly see that all the comments are VALVERDE OUT but guys come down imagine yourself in that pozition and don't hate him hes just under a lot of pressure and if you continue to hate it's just gona be even worse. So don't hate coz your not gona change anything with hating Valverde

  40. 👍👍👍👍👍👍💕💕💕

  41. Yuran_ Freitas says

    How the hell you take Semedo out after that game he was doing🙆🏽‍♂️ Valverde out pls🙏🏾🙏🏾

  42. KEVIN2003 LEAÑO says

    Nos humillan en el CAMP NOU VALVERDE OUT

  43. ANGA 360 UPDATES says

    Valvade out bad performance

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