1. Darren S says

    Well, there's one thing FIFA still consistently has, it's Martin Tyler. It's weird, funny, and amazing how much similarities his in game commentary has in real life.

  2. Arvind Sidhu says

    Reece James. Some right back he is gonna be!

  3. nizam shamri says

    Pogba with Lille..

  4. tysoon363636 says

    Is martin tyler not feeling well?

  5. Khairul Ezuan Razali says

    mcm jdt fans..skali kene lauk senyapp..huhu

  6. Kaki Game says

    Martin Tyler can retire early.

  7. nur’s says

    Tomori sumpah solid gila. Boleh pergi jauh mamat ni

  8. ariff mansury says

    Zouma just flyin there, unlucky to not get the ball

  9. Amirul Qim says

    Bagi la Haji Zainal jadi Comentator adoi

  10. AL Kudus says

    martin tyler with old classic style. better john champion as commentary in this match

  11. Man synyster says

    commentator arab gak aq minat

  12. Λrchazi says

    Zouma again.. smh

  13. HZ says

    2:42 ronaldo?🤔😂

  14. Cheq Azam says

    someone should provide the commentator for some commentator courses… he’s commentating without any reaction or feeling.. 90 minute would become meaningless

  15. Mohd Fazrizal says

    Every single mistake in chelsea defend line, we will see k.Zouma face…Always


    Good Job Chelsea

  17. John kora John says

    Abraham the next Adebayor

  18. asme faisal says

    Bila kau dh amik cuti tapi kau terpaksa bekerja

  19. Alli Saif says

    Boring hanat commentator ni

  20. Asraff Hassan says

    Martin Tyler only cheers up when he commentating Man United, unfortunately, man u doesn't qualify

  21. Mah niggas Hood says

    Football or golf commentator?

  22. seven henson says

    At least better than man u

  23. Roy FS says

    FIFA commentator. Boring.

  24. Fahmi Raffi says

    commentator x makan nasi nih….lemau semacam

  25. Mohd Hafiz says

    chelsea please kurangkan zonal marking..man marking banyakkan laa..lol

  26. Ameer Muhammad says

    lmao deadass thought it was pogba in the thumbnail 🤣

  27. Caesar Santiago says

    Commentator a Man Utd fan

  28. KAI•XD ML says

    damn the commentary

  29. fizal says

    Martin tyler ni dh boleh retire la jdi commentator

  30. Irwan BBM says

    Best Comentator

  31. Syukri Latif says

    Komentator RTM lagi semangat sial ulas game

  32. Syazrain 23 says

    Chelsea fans should be patient with Lampard. He can do great things with you guys

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