1. JinnKid says

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  2. Lucy Atkinson says

    These are so goddamn funny

  3. emis dkm says

    Why the Black eyes

  4. Alex Soto says

    Didnt anyone else notice his eyes?

  5. ok))

  6. Uriel Septim says

    Nice dark eyes and pupil. I chose pure white eyes on my character when playing Skyrim. 👀

  7. Artmiszz says

    That walk towards the trash bins 😂😂 i was laughing like crazy , how you managed to keep your laughter hidden .wow! 👍🏻

  8. Jan Kowalski says

    Only people who did playing skyrim knew how game looks

  9. Malek S is fat gay says

    Bro that “hm?” makes me cry hahahaga

  10. gol d Roger says

    Some says this gaurd is ancestor of Michael Jackson

  11. XBASGAMESX says

    Thats How I Killed All Rifton Guards… 3 Times

  12. Amandeep Baghiana says

    Why is this guy’s eyes so black?

  13. Whogivesashit Tho says

    Why is his eye all black?

  14. Its Rafael says

    The NPC Walks are done so well 👍👍💀💀😂😂😂😂😂

  15. Gavin Viveros says

    Why does he have black eyes

  16. Lizz DoubleZ says

    Lmao! Lost it when he ran over the trash cans!!! So skyrim realistic!!

  17. Devynn says

    Just remember that npc’s don’t moon walk in Skyrim

  18. Alexander Kelly says

    Guard: Let me guess…someone stole your sweet roll

  19. Jhowy 7112 says

    Dude I seriously have no idea how you or the camera person can keep a straight face during this.

  20. Joseph Gates says

    I like that the 23K skyrim fans get this and find it funny

  21. Eric P says

    The movement is spot on perfect! I love it! No comment about a sweet roll though. These are awesome. I hope you make more!

  22. Bövrar 2nd says

    I can't possibly describe with words the joy that this video brought me! FABULOUS my friend, no less. 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  23. Nex Carter says

    WHat is wrong with this mans eyes?

  24. Monxef _ says

    THE VIBE 😆😆😆

  25. Gary Kurita says

    The arrow to the knee! The classic one!

  26. Joao Verbenato says

    Maaaaano! Muito besta hahahahahahahahaha foda!

  27. HeroofBowerstone1989 says

    This one is the best I've seen so far, especially the NPC walk into the trash bins hahahahahha

  28. Alexander The Insane says

    Guard might get nervous. A man approaches with his weapon drawn

  29. Oscar Keshishyan says

    Why are is eyes all black???

  30. sniperteam08 says

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm dying!

  31. Dopermean says

    stabs guard “need something”

  32. KnightlEagle says

    0:28 is pure gold.

  33. Nate Phillips says

    Man I laughed super hard when you walked into those bins. Lol

  34. Sarah medouni says


  35. Tom V says


  36. 9-Mind-Hunter-9 says


  37. Johnny Brasco says

    This is too good.

  38. noname 1379 says

    This is just amazing what i needed after a long shift

  39. Phase Sorel says

    This is too accurate 😭

  40. CowTipper says

    This is just normal Skyrim with graphics mods

  41. O Neydi Gız says

    In Skyrim it’s not that absurd. It would be right if it was Oblivion

  42. Puppet 2.0 says

    Wait, I know you

  43. Brad says

    Kyle Ren has really embraced his new job as a Skyrim npc

  44. Worshipping The Whales says

    Spoiler Alert:

    neat somtin?

  45. Ozires Alien says

    Perfect kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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